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User:DeltaStar/DeltaStar and fat bastardism

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I have just purchased a bicycle (see CP:Atheism and cycling) in an attempt to reverse the trend of the last few years that has seen me getting less and less fit but more and more fat. Here I will attempt to play about with wikitables and chart my progress. Once I've done more than one fucking trip, I want to get a total distance cell displayed at the bottom, and possibly a weight loss/gain (although hopefully only loss) as well, although WP:Help:Table doesn't help me with tables very much. DeltaStarSenior SysopSpeciationspeed! 19:22, 24 May 2010 (UTC)

Date Miles cycled Fatness Pints Lambert & Butlers Kebabs Comments
Monday 24 May 24 15st 4lbs
Tuesday 25 May 26 15st 1lbs
Wednesday 26 May 28 14st 12lbs
Thursday 27 May 12 15st Fucking pissing it down - bollocks to that
Friday 28 May 29 14st 12lbs Pissed down again. If only there was some kind of bicycle you could use indoors (for exercising)
Saturday 29 May 0 14 20 Party!
Sunday 30 May 0 12 30 1 Hair of the dog
Monday 31 May 0 15st 5 4 1 Hair of the hair of the dog