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"If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him."
— Buddha
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Shadow Wizard Money Gang, we love.. Wait, what do we love again? Birthday party magic?

I am a 16 y/o straight male who is here to learn about other viewpoints and criticisms of my own. Personally I lean conservative, but that doesn't mean I don't want to hear other ideas.

Smart fella

BrainMop.png As a confirmed mustard jar for taking on this job as a Sysop on RationalWiki: I, Gang O' Shadow Wizards, pledge to only block users if they ask for it, or insert unfunny vandalism.
I furthermore pledge that if I indulge in secret private conversations about you, we will make a formal report to the mob. Is that all?
If you impugn my motives without warrant, or challenge my "AUTHORITY", er, there is nothing I can or will do.

Big Brother.png Big brother movie.jpg Poster or smth about big brother Screenshot 2023-05-24 9.37.42 AM.png Big-Brother-1984 .webp Big-Brother-Zuckerbergjpg.webp Eye of big bro.png