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This seemed like a fun website, with good info too. Thought I'd join. I was raised a Sunni Muslim for around 14 years; for the last six, however, I've considered myself an atheist. Highly secular and interested in Islam, but no longer a follower of Islam in any religious way. I'm also a college student too.


I really like cryptography too, hence the sha512 hash.


import hashlib
h = hashlib.sha512()
h.update("plain text")

Simple python 2.7 code I used to generate it, using CSS formatting and html tables
before I knew about the <source></source> tags... Continuing my epic love hate relationship with all things web design.... NOW.

>>> import hashlib
>>> h = hashlib.sha512()
>>> h.update("plain text")
>>> h.hexdigest()


ghazi alizm, comments?

ghazi alizm

Pick from a list?

Works with templates too.
Verb: bescumber

Random sentence?

Many beverages are very unreliable when they continuously bescumber.

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