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Caution: The fossil record states this page is "Crazy Wankery" as alleged by someone potentially speaking for millions or billions unable or afraid to cry out against the audacious lunacy of a skeptical truther skeptic.

Welcome to Jason Carswell's User Spaces:

Registered on RationalWiki 2016-07-30, on Wikipedia since pre-2007.

Due to the Wikipedia and corporate mainstream media official narrative strangleholds, I've resorted to RationalWiki, which seems far from rational however jovial. Now understand I was just a very geopolitically informed newbie mistaken for a sealion and accused of JAQing off (a term I'd never heard of but now think is hilarious) on this "rational" but mainstream media brainwashed and dogmatic politically oblivious website. RationalWiki may be aware of the lies of God and magic, but too many of you can't see behind the layers of wizard's curtains of politics and economics - which actually directly affect and control your lives far more than religious dogma.


To Help You Wake Up - I've written these articles that have been improved and/or neutered and/or perverted by fools and/or villains and/or pastafarians:

  • James Corbett - alternative news media new-journalist, who may sound crazy to uninitiated minds (brainwashed by mainstream media's "official" story), but is actually the best I've seen at providing context and articulately cutting through the rampant propaganda, disinformation, and mainstream narrative population control. Generally, "Rational" Wikians see through the irrational dogma of religion, yet are blind to dogmatic belief in the establishment (corrupt corporatocracy) and equate all conspiracies despite a perpetual torrent of lies and manipulation and wars and pillaging policies by governments and mainstream media but still trust them. Questioning the corporatocracy has nothing to do with Elvis sighting, aliens, flat earth, and other woo that is an intentionally hyped confusing disinformation campaign equated to anti-establishment sentiment of distrust and disbelief. Corbett is about geopolitics and related areas of manipulation, domination, and extermination (economics, war, history, philosophy, etc). Regardless and for what it's worth I am thrilled that some RW folks have decided to make the James Corbett article their own, for better or worse. As of Dec 5, 2016 they've done a good job though skewed to their perspective. I can't speak for James Corbett but any publicity is good publicity and awareness it the first step. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ~ misattributed to Gandhi.
    • User:JasonCarswell/JamesCorbett (archived article)
      I wrote the original James Corbett article and added updates here and there until User:Reverend Black Percy noticed and reverted it. I didn't want to lose that work forever so here it is. Admittedly the newest "criticism" part of it is not good, but the opening paragraph was an improvement over the previous version. Naturally, every article is a work in progress, and this is an archived snapshot of the best I offered until "they" took it on a whole other direction, which turned out very nice and is far more in keeping with the way they do articles and generally do things here on Rational Wiki, of which I am not as familiar with as I could be, but might be, if I spend enough time here.
    • User:JasonCarswell/James Corbett (journalist) = Wikipedia draft article
    • User:JasonCarswell/James Corbett (journalist) = Wikipedia draft article talk
      This is my draft of the "James Corbett (journalist)" Wikipedia article pending acceptance review, now nominated for deletion, in a time of unprecedented censorship running rampant, for the sake of free speech (even if you don't agree with Corbett's critical anti-establishment geopolitical analysis), I hoped it might be okay to park/archive that article here for posterity as I expect that when accepted it will most likely be cut down and like most politically sensitive articles by Wikipedia guard dogs who are most likely infiltration agents and/or assets of the countless secret agencies of the Old West Empire trolling and steering hearts and minds into submission.
    • User:JasonCarswell/James Corbett (journalist) + RationalWiki links to Wikipedia
      This is the same article with Rational Wiki formatting applied. With the above Wikipedia formatted article archived/parked here it would be unfair for it and it's links not to be useful. This will be a duplicate with only modified links to Wikipedia articles. Because linking on Rational Wiki is so arbitrary and the terms and culture are still unfamiliar I don't think it would serve any purpose in attempting to include them. I understand this may contrast against the norm, but if I can park the first archive article unlinked then it also makes sense to activate those links. I understand this may be a tall ask, but in the name of free speech I hope you'll concede it's tolerable if not worth it.
    • User:JasonCarswell/The Corbett Report = Wikipedia article 2013-2015
      From 10:30, 27 March 2013 to 01:54, 10 November 2015, RIP, archived for now.
  • Lionel (radio personality) - immediately deleted for Spam: WP Copypasta
    The above article is for RationalWiki to expand upon and modify as they see fit. Naturally I understand that RationalWiki articles are designed differently than Wikipedia, in the same way that WikiSpooks articles are also different. Unfortunately, at present, I'm only familiar with Wikipedia - though not enough to avoid censorship (and be banned from editing US political article for a year).
    I contributed to the article for Wikipedia who brutally censored it down to almost nothing in Dec 2016. I copied it here and to WikiSpooks (linked above) and below for archival purposes, if that's okay. User Ian.thomson is bulldozing my Wikipedia contributions and taking out others' work as well.
    Please leave me a message on my talk page if you care to discuss.

Articles To Develop[edit]

To Help You Wake Up - I intend to write these articles to raise public awareness - unless RationalWikians are so close-minded I have to elsewhere.

Articles I would have started but are done, for better or worse[edit]


I do NOT believe all the truther bullshit, but I am a proud skeptical skeptic truther skeptic (I also assess debunking, and debunking of debunking, etc) - and not just about the 9/11 inside job, but all "terrorism". There is a lot of propaganda and shitty information out there. It's difficult to wade through. If it smells bad it might be shit or it might be covered in shit or presented in a shitty way that makes me think it's shit. But after wading through all this disinformation and shit and it's very evident the mountains shit they are trying really hard to hide from us is some pretty terrifying shit that need to wake up to. If you think things and your life is shit now, you're gonna be surprised as shit at how truly shitty it's gonna get for us unless we rise up ASAP and do something about it.


A man with an unlimited supply of water nearby and a water bottle in hand stands over, not helping, another man fallen and dying at the edge of town after crawling through the desert. He may not have bludgeoned him but that is violence. Billionaires and millionaires have exploited the masses just to stand over their suffering, doing nothing for them, demanding more, and screaming about economic crisis, fiscal cliffs, and problems they create. They'd rather spend money on bullets and bombs than schools, health, and well being of everyone. The system isn't broken, it's designed that way, on purpose, by criminal psychopaths.

Awareness Goals[edit]

I despise this cliché but you foolisheeple need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  • Lies: God (duh), capitalism (debt slavery), patriotism (not the same as community), exceptionalism (really? I mean really???), mainstream news (propaganda), benevolent governments don't exploit and oppress you (all governments are bad, period).
  • America may be the richest country in the world, but you are not rich. This has nothing to do with boot straps. Most people work hard and most people are poor. (See the Wikipedia article on Perception gap.)
  • You have the largest most oppressive military and secret agencies overtly and covertly active all around the world, and you do not control it. You're voice doesn't matter. A Princeton study of political influence shows the US oligarchy is not a democracy.
  • The global war on terror is a fraud and has replaced the cold war (also hyper inflated) as a justification for the military industrial complex. The US military is consuming 60% of the disposable budget of the federal government as of fiscal year 2015. It's consuming 16% of the total federal budget. More than the next 8 countries combined - and that hollow military can't win a war.
  • You have a farce of a democracy, choose the lesser of two evils then switch to the other evil when this one doesn't work out - all just for show. The secret and military worlds are money laundering machines at tax payers expense. The Chinese have already won WW3.
  • You have the "greatest" Hollywood and corporate lamestream propaganda brainwashing machine. (See the Wikipedia article on Concentration of media ownership.)
  • Don't believe the hype! You've been hypnotized to believe that the government and police monopoly on violenceWikipedia is to help you.
  • When you think of Russian KGB, their propaganda, and Siberian prisons - that's nothing compared to the USA, it's "news", and the prison industrial complex.
  • Hitler, the Fatherland, slave concentration camps, the Jews and non-pure-bloods = Shillary/Drumpf, Homeland Security, the US prison industrial complex for African Americans, Muslims, "illegals", and immigrants. (Some fucking melting pot.)
  • Of the 10 high level threats to humanity the US only focuses on 2, interstate conflict and terrorism (because they are profitable). The 8 that are unstudied by governance are poverty, infectious disease, environmental degradation, civil war, genocide, other atrocities, proliferation in trans national crime.
  • If you think things are shitty now, the oncoming global collapse, ocean life collapse, civil war and world war will knock you on your ass. And after it comes you'll still say I am crazy because you bought and paid for the hype.