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James Corbett

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James Corbett is an anarcho-capitalist youtuber and conspiracy theorist. Seen by some to be an indie "new journalist" accused of being Russian propaganda fake news.[1][2] Others are less enamored. He claims to analyze, deconstruct, re-contextualize, and clarify Western propaganda[3] in The Corbett Report, YouTube, Global Research TV and other shows and websites such as ex-FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds'Wikipedia's W.svg Boiling Frogs Post, NewsBud, and occasional events.

The Corbett Report[edit]

Supported by donations, subscriptions, and open source journalism, James Corbett discusses statism, 9-11 conspiracy theories, chemtrails, climate change denial[4] and anti-dogma conspiracies that mainstream media would never discuss, as well as making claims about Obama's NWO.[5]

In addition to the history of oil, power, and economics,[6] alleged false flag events like the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theories,Wikipedia's W.svg the 9/11 conspiracy theories, and Operation Gladio,Wikipedia's W.svg. James Corbett claims to detail scandalous corruption, injustices, and expose conspiracies, psy-ops, black-ops, and the covert "deep-state secret", "ghost politics", globalist control, and domination agendas of the New World Order advocating a "revolution of the mind" to counter-cultural brainwashing dogmas to ultimately foil all centralized governments' monopolistic use of violence.

Regular series and specials[edit]

  • #NewWorldNextWeek with Media Monarchy
  • Corbett Report Extras

Special guests and interviews[edit]

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