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This page was previously deleted by an AfD community vote with a final result of: 7 Delete, 0 Keep, 1 Merge/Redirect.

However, recent events on RationalWiki have called the validity of the AfD into question. Specifically:

On the 2022 AfD for Rome Viharo, @Bongolian raised their concerns about the possibility that @BUFO, the user who initiated the Laird Shaw AfD, is a sockpuppet of @Boar, who in turn may or may not be a sockpuppet of Rome Viharo (who Bongolian noted to have a history of creating sockpuppets to evade blocks and harass critics). As such, at least two users, including Bongolian, suspect that Boar and/or BUFO may be attempting to scrub all traces of the existing reputation of Laird Shaw and Rome Viharo off of RationalWiki, possibly at the expense of RationalWiki's mission. Whether this is out of good or bad intentions towards Viharo and Shaw is as of yet unclear, as is the validity of Bongolian's suspicions.

For more information and to participate in the discussion about what should be done next, please see the talk page at All things in moderation.