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Yo, I'm the Internet Wanderer Luigifan, and I stumbled upon this website through TV Tropes while piddling around one day (well, before they deleted their page on this site…). To put it bluntly, this place is hilarious, and it's really made me rethink several beliefs that I've held for a long time, particularly my faith in Catholicism (well, this place and Reddit, where I happen to be active on both /r/religiousfruitcake and r/antitheistcheesecake, often having to tell both of them to stop blindly hating on each other… I've actually created a community named /r/fruitandcheese to serve as neutral ground between them, but only time will tell how that turns out).




Launched Pages

None so far


Pages where I've written miniature essays that really need to be reviewed and fact-checked by people who have more time to devote to research than me

These are mini-essays that I've written that have not yet been reviewed and approved or disapproved of by other editors. Please feel free to take a look at them and let me know what you think! (Bear in mind that all revision links lead to the edit where the mini-essay was originally created; it may have been updated since then.)

Pages where I wrote mini-essays that were later deemed unworthy of mainspace

These are mini-essays I added to pages that were later removed by myself or other editors due to being detrimental to the quality of their host pages. Some of these have been moved to essayspace because I felt that they could stand on their own and were worth salvaging; others will simply languish in the fossil record unless I can think of a way to rewrite them into something that's actually useful.

Pages where I wrote mini-essays that are quality additions to the article

I won't be moving anything here based on my own opinions alone, since that would defeat the point of RationalWiki's mobocracy. If you think one of my mini-essays is a great addition to its page, please tell me that you like it and why you approve! (Either my own talk page or the talk page of the host article will be suitable, but please specify the location of the mini-essay if you use the former, or ping me if you use the latter.) If I get enough approval (say, at least three such remarks), I'll move a mini-essay here.

So far, this section is empty.


  1. My original plan for this edit was to have notes nested within notes, but I had to scrap that because I just couldn't get it to work properly.
  2. Okay, this one's not totally uncited — I did a bit of fact-checking at TV Tropes. I could have sworn they used to have something about ancient people thinking that silver was literally light in a solid form…
  3. I think RationalWiki already has an article on this subject, but I can't remember what it's called.
  4. Seriously, I wrote my college honors thesis on that book. It wasn't on the subject of bigotry, though.
  5. Yes, I liked to Wiktionary, not RationalWiki or Wikipedia. This is because I'm referring to "sacrifice" in the general sense of giving something up (usually in exchange for something else), not the specific religious usage of offerings to gods. Both RationalWiki and Wikipedia's pages on the concept of sacrifice primarily describe the religious usage of the term.
  6. While these are technically two separate mini-essays, they were both created in the same revision.