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Pages that I have created:

Pages that I look with suspicion:

  • Gender pay gap: although in this page it is explained that, when wages of men and women doing the same job are compared, the pay gap becomes negligible, vanishes, or even is a gap in favor of women; then the page completely ignores this fact, and continues asserting the existence of a large gender pay gap.
  • Racialism: seems to ignore the possibility that race could be a fuzzyWikipedia concept.

Pages that I look with disgust:

  • Mansplaining: a.k.a. "Instead of replying to you arguments, I order you to shut up because you are a man!"
  • Microaggression: or "not an aggression at all."
  • Trigger warning: how to mix up a serious mental condition like PTSDWikipedia with the childish incapacity of dealing with different opinions.