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Recovered from RWW's Chicken coop article before it went down, preserving it in case. Copied under RWW's CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and sustained with the same license. The lone image, a graph of coopings increasing over time, was intentionally excluded. All links are as they were on RWW and all but the coop references are almost certainly broken.

The Chicken Coop is a page where RationalWikians can bitch about each other. It was previously called Administrative Abuse until such a title was deemed as far too Serious Fucking Business. However, the title change hasn't altered the bitchiness at all. The Chicken Coop has bounced between being a legitimate complaints board and a forum for the worst bitching on RW. Legitimate complaints are few and far between and when they do arise, they're dealt with quickly. The issue becomes when a troll and known trouble maker tries to intentionally use it as a springboard for creating turmoil on the site and that some users are more than happy to go along with it for the ride. As a result, the Chicken Coop is now the biggest piece of tl;dr on RationalWiki and by far one of the least productive. The voices of Reason are often drowned out by the fact that everyone wants to have the last word, say the wittiest thing and, ultimately, be the one who is most right. When trying to do this, everyone fails.

This article is about "serious" incidents. Idiot #X and Neveruse 's whining and being ignored don't belong here.


Who has opened the most Coop cases?[edit]

  1. TheoryOfPractice/P-Foster/Bbmaj7 - 8
  2. Nx - 6
  3. Psygremlin - 4
  4. Ace McWicked - 2
  5. Blue - 2
  6. Brxbrx - 2
  7. Maratrean/ZackMartin - 2
  8. MarcusCicero - 2
  9. Phantom Hoover - 2
  10. SuspectedReplicant - 2

Who has been taken to the Coop the most?[edit]

  1. Human - 7
  2. Nx - 6
  3. Ace McWicked - 4
  4. David Gerard - 4
  5. Brxbrx - 3
  6. RobSmith - 3
  7. SuspectedReplicant - 3
  8. Blue/Lyra Silvertongue - 2
  9. Gooniepunk2005/Gooniepunk2010/Reckless Noise Symphony - 2
  10. MarcusCicero - 2
  11. Neveruse/Occasionaluse - 2
  12. Nutty Roux - 2
  13. Psygremlin - 2



  • User A v. User B indicates User A is accusing User B of wronging them;
  • RationalWiki v. User A indicates a user brought User A to the Coop for offenses not related to themselves;
  • ... User A et al. indicates other users besides User A were involved as plaintiffs or defendants;
  • In re User A indicates the case involved multiple issues surrounding User A, not just one


Bob M v. HeartOfGold[edit]

31 July 2007 - 1 August 2007

Bob requested that HoG be stripped of sysop powers after the latter blocked the former for 1 minute for calling him a troll.[1]


RationalWiki v. PalMD[edit]

25-26 March 2008

For blocking TK three times with no reason.[2] Nobody cares.

Impotent v. Pink[edit]

11 June 2008

For reverting edits on a user page belonging to another user.[3] Again, no one cares,[4] and Pink wasn't even a sysop yet.[5]

RationalWiki v. Proxima Centauri[edit]

22 December 2008

The Rose Petals Incident.[6] Human says it is silly,[7] and the community moves on its merry way.


RationalWiki v. ConservapediaUndergroundResistor[edit]

27-28 January 2009

Theory of Practice takes CUR to the coop for edit warring.[8] Debate shifts to what the coop is for,[9] but then CUR shows up, and the shouting begins.[10] Kels pops up to defend CUR [11] and Weaseloid says that they are being too harsh.[12] It is pointed out that if CUR wasn't a sysop, he would be binned and banned.[13] CUR demands a lawyer [14] Human votes for promotion, [15] Javascap move to a probation agreement[16], and the debate drags on and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on.... until Human declares it closed.[17]

Radioactive afikomen v. Human[edit]

13-23 February 2009

Human takes himself to the coop to address accusations by RA of administrative abuse on RA's talk page.[18] Some new guidelines were apparently instituted and the suit was dismissed as Human's urging.[19]

ConservapediaUndergroundResistor v. Human[edit]

April 22nd - April 23rd, 2009

CUR complained about Human promoting him unilaterally,[20] but the discussing quickly derailed onto CUR's attitude and behaviour on RationalWiki until TheoryOfPractice rescued it, bringing it back to the allegation against Human. Most 'crats seemed to be on Human's side this time, after a long discussion over the course of a day or so, Weaseloid dismissed the entire thing and archived the page.

RationalWiki v. Totnesmartin[edit]

December 3rd - December 4th, 2009

Totnesmartin brings himself up to the abuse board for "renaming MarcusCicero to MarcusCicero, aged 3½". Ace McWicked and Armondikov agree that MC is a little annoying bitch and has forfeited protection under the house rules. On the other hand, Bob M suggests that it is a very bad precedent to set and Goonie agrees. A few others become split but little is done.

RationalWiki v. Neveruse[edit]

7 December 2009

Moriarty coops Neveruse for locking his talk page.[21] Little happens.


RationalWiki v. Irrationalatheist[edit]

February 9th, 2010

TheoryOfPractice questions the IrrationalAtheist of making non-friendly blocks and blocking users after a single edit. The complaint was upheld and IrrationalAtheist stripped of sysop rights for a few days - although Kels notes that he was "leaving and never coming back".

RationalWiki v. Gooniepunk2010[edit]

March 12th - March 13th, 2010

TheoryOfPractice asks if Gooniepunk should have hid behind a spambot to go troll feeding. Goonie eventually said he'd have no more to do with MarcusCicero, who filled the intervening discussion with the usual tripe.

Nutty Roux v. TK[edit]

March 29th - March 31st, 2010

Don't be fooled by the short range of dates, this was quite long and the title was worthy of a 1st level header with only single "=" either side of the title. P-Foster brings up the issue of Nutty Roux blocking TK (OMG) for two years for making legal threats against RationalWiki. Bob questions why legal threats were block worthy - the answer seems to be "because TK is a fuck nugget".

Earthland v. David Gerard[edit]

5-8 June 2010

Earthland accuses DG of deleting and editing his comments.[22] A little later, an IP editor cooped Gerard for similar offenses.[23]

Neveruse v. Phantom Hoover[edit]

June 3rd - June 8th, 2010

Neveruse bitches about Phantom Hoover. Quite literally, no one gives a shit, with it taking the best part of five days to acquire a response. The response; a characteristic "who cares" from Human.

RationalWiki v. Crundy[edit]

June 3rd, 2010

Crundy brings himself to the abuse board out of boredom. Little does he know...

June 11th - June 14th, 2010

Crundy gets drawn into the Uber Trolling, with a BON complaining about Crundy's use of the vandal bin. Receiving no attention, the MC troll becomes desperate for attention and tries to argue with Nx for a day or so. With no actual thing to hurl at Crundy, MC leaves the conversation and goes back to writing his long-promised play about RationalWiki.

RationalWiki v. Lumenos[edit]

June 28th - June 29th, 2010

P-Foster notes that Lumenos is filling the wiki with shite. A brief medium fairly sizable discussion about whether "idiocy" comes under administrative abuse or not. Everyone seems to agree Lumenos is annoying but harmless and Trent still continues to pay $100 a month to support this crap.

In re Nx[edit]

April 18th, 2010

Nx brings himself to the coop, with a variety of charges against himself.[24] It quickly spirals out of control, as Neveruse, Human and TheoryofPractice make several new sections and accusations. At least five separate cases become active against Nx, before the whole things peters out with no real outcome.[25] Most people side with Nx... erm. Yeah.

March 30th - June 5th, 2010

Human complains that Nx is using server access for evil, eventually calling for Nx to be blocked from accessing the server and rendered as a non-sysop (it's like hell for RationalWikians but without the all-you-can-eat BBQ). Over several sections things just got fucking weird as evidence was presented that Nx was using his Overlord Powers to do horrid things like deleting the "frot" picture. Neveruse complains like a bitch, Nx goes all innocent and, well, acts like Nx.

July 25th - July 27th, 2010

David Gerard whines about Nx "toll-enabling behavour" over the range-blocking issue. It continued in a further section but fizzled out quickly.

In re David Gerard[edit]

July 25th - August 3rd, 2010

Nx brought up David Gerard for deleting comments from talk pages. This may have been a problem after the Loya Jirga decided that "obviously vile" was enough of a watertight description to rollback talk page comments.

August 4th - August 5th, 2010

David Gerard was whined at for putting Ultra Troll Marcus Cicero in the vandal bin. By this point no one gave a flying fuck anymore as MC's persecution complex was getting boring - although Quaru gave him the "EGG LAYER AWARD FOR BEING AN ANNOYING PRAT IN THE CHICKEN COOP".

August 6th - August 12th, 2010

Several trolling BONs (probably Neveruse and MarcusCicero) got hacked off with David Gerard for blocking them and developed an uptight persecution complex, pouncing on Gerard repeatedly. Weighing in on the situation was Human, who claimed the blocking was abuse of RW's lack of ethical standards, Ace, who told Human to shut the fuck up because the BONs were abusive, similarly Toast who suggested that a user who called her a "sandy-vagina'ed old cunt" wouldn't be missed. Goonie, strandled the fence as usual, telling both sides they sucked.

RationalWiki v. Lyra Silvertongue[edit]

5 August 2010

Brought by Ex-Troll Cheerleader for defending MarcusCicero.[26]

RationalWiki v. Idiot number 57, et al.[edit]

August 14th - August 24th, 2010

In a slightly less drama-whoring incident. RA took offence at the "Idiot Number..." user claiming to be the rightful owner of RationalWiki. Since the official formation of the RationalWiki Foundation, however, this may be a legitimate Serious Business complaint.

RationalWiki v. Human[edit]

Main article: Don't Bite the Newbies Incident

October 1st - Oct 17th, 2010

Human was called out by Phantom Hoover for using the rollback button far to liberally on otherwise good faith edits.[27] Most likely due to the number of heavy-hitting editors who participated in the discussion, Human briefly tried to change his ways.


RationalWiki v. UncleHo[edit]

January 25 2011-January 28 2011

For accusations of racism, fascism, and death threats to ListenerX. No one seemed to be supporting him. Promoted and blocked for 3 months.

RationalWiki v. Nx[edit]

January 28 2011-January 30 2011

By SuspectedReplicant, for following site policy, by deleting 238 saloon bar revisions... from a year ago.[28] Everyone but SR and human supported him. Nx LANCB that day. v. Sprocket J Cogswell[edit]

February 28 2011-March 8 2011

By a BoN for blocking em during an edit war over Libertarianism.[29] Overwhelming support for Cogs. Lumenos argued a bit, but nothing came out of it.

ColbertFan v. Tyrannis[edit]

March 9 2011

Arguably the lamest conflict ever, Ty was taken to the coop by ColbertFan as he blocked him for 31 seconds. LX and Ty explained what joke blocks were, and the community moved on its merry way.

RationalWiki v. Leotardo[edit]

30 March 2011

Brought by SuspectedReplicant for posting information about Karajou's son, and making fun of SR's sister. The whole thing blew over rather quickly, as they were told to take it outside, and SR apologized and withdrew the measure [30] The matter was mediated by EddyP. Then it got worse, as Leotardo refused to let things go.

Ace McWicked v. Radioactive afikomen[edit]

30 March 2011

RA is taken to the coop by Ace after creating an "attack page" (reproduced here) against human. SuperJosh and Weaseloid say that RA is just trolling[31] while Blue remarks that while RA should be censured, there was no need to take it to the coop.[32] Everyone then starts making Hate, Love, _______ is a swell guy articles.

RationalWiki v. JimJast Part I[edit]

15 April 2011

For concern trolling, using the wiki as free webhosting.[33] Nothing happens, a it got bogged down in an attempted essay standards revamp.

RationalWiki v. Brxbrx Part I[edit]

21 April 2011

Taken by a BoN for blocking Occasionaluse for 2 days. An argument with Occasionaluse, Quaru, and Iscariot commenced over block lengths and reasons, then a vote was put up, in which the mob expressed complete apathy.

RationalWiki v. Psygremlin[edit]

27 April 2011

For renaming a vandal[34] Occasionaluse says Psy should be promoted to sysop,[35] Psy undoes what he did, and Gooniepunk2010 and Javascap declare the case closed while Occasionaluse objects on the grounds that more drama was needed. Ty and P-Foster suggested far more sadistic punishments, which were ignored.

MarcusCicero v. SuspectedReplicant[edit]

2 May 2011

SuspectedReplicant was not taken to the coop because MarcusCicero didn't care that he had violated standards by deleting a post from his liquid-threaded talk page. The response from the community was unsurprisingly uncaring, given that the plaintiff couldn't care himself. The final vote was four yawns, two goats, an "Err" and a "No case".

Blue v. Human[edit]

8 May 2011

Main article: Trial of Human

After a short but intense fight between Human on one side and Blue and SuspectedReplicant on the other, carried out on Armondikov's talk page, Human unilaterally de-cratted Blue. She immediately took him to the Coop. This was the first major event in the period of great unrest that culminated in the Saloon Bar Putsch.

Psygremlin v. ListenerX[edit]

13 May 2011

In one of the most ridiculous accusations of administrative abuse, annoyed with ListenerX's alleged continuing of the HCM on Rationalwiki, Psygremlin took ListenerX to the coop. But within a couple of hours, it was unilaterally archived by Ace McWicked.

Psygremlin v. Eira[edit]

19 May 2011

Psygremlin takes Eira to the Coop[36], the outcome of a long and messy HCM which it is best we don't elaborate on any further. Maratrean proposes that Chicken Coop be abolished[37], but DickTurpis correctly points out that doing so is rather hard when it is unclear who if anyone has the authority to make such a decision.[38] Eira also jumps in saying "I'm a Trustee! Can't remove me! Na-na-nana-na!"[39]

DMorris2 v. Reckless Noise Symphony[edit]

9 June 2011

Sock DMorris2 accuses RNS of unilaterally blocking him several times without warrant.[40]

Nx v. Ace McWicked[edit]

12-14 June 2011

Nx accuses Ace of repeatedly vandalizing his userpage and user talk page and removing his comments on Ace's talk page.[41] Discussion ensues, nothing comes of it.[42]

RationalWiki v. JimJast Part II[edit]

19-22 June 2011

Reckless Noise Symphony recommends that JimJast be stripped of sysop powers for making sexist remarks against Eira and falsifying her signature.[43] The case was ultimately dismissed.

RationalWiki v. Aswh1[edit]

30 June - 3 July 2011

Rostigraben urges the community to confirm a block of Aswh1 for vandalism.[44] Nothing seemed to come of it.

RationalWiki v. Brxbrx Part II[edit]

18-21 July 2011

Nutty Roux coops Bricks for abusing his sysop powers and recommends they be removed.[45] As a consensus for promoting him began to emerge,[46] Bricks removed his own sysop bit.[47]

Brxbrx v. Nutty Roux[edit]

During this case, Bricks brought his own accuser to the Coop for abuse of his own sysop bit. Nothing came of it.

RationalWiki v. MarcusCicero[edit]

31 July - 4 August 2011

Psygremlin accuses MarcusCicero of circumventing his one-month ban, and suggests he and his IPs be banned infinitely.[48] Ultimately, MC is banned for two years after a vote of 20 yea, 11 nay, and 2 goat.

RationalWiki v. Nx et al.[edit]

6 August - 9 September 2011

P-Foster accuses Nx of abusing his power to hide a page from Recent Changes, Human of circumventing the community decision to create the page in the first place (a "troll sanctuary" for MarcusCicero to play in), and MarcusCicero of circumventing his ban. "Troll sanctuaries" are ultimately barred by the Community Standards.

Nx later joined the suit, claiming Human still allowed MC to post on his talk page.[49]

RationalWiki v. Occasionaluse[edit]

8-11 August 2011

Brought by Nx, who accused Occasionaluse of improperly deleting material from his talk page.[50] Not much came of it, as per the norm.

Maratrean v. SuspectedReplicant et al.[edit]

26-29 August 2011

Maratrean (ZackMartin) brough SR and Ace McWicked to the coop for repeatedly reverting the former's removal of an offensive image from his talk page, in contradiction of the Community Standards.[51][52]

RationalWiki v. Ace McWicked Part I[edit]

3-5 September 2011

Brxbrx cooped Ace for desysopping Maratrean and blocking him for three months.[53] The abuse was undone, and Ace was warned,[54] but not further penalized.

Ace McWicked v. Brxbrx[edit]

6-7 September 2011

Ace turned around and cooped Brxbrx for exposing his workplace IP on RationalWikiWiki.[55] Nothing much happened on-wiki.

RationalWiki v. Ace McWicked Part II[edit]

9-12 September 2011; 20 September 2011

Nx brought this case to the Coop, accusing Ace of once again vandalizing his, UHM's and Maratrean's user pages.[56] He brought another, fleshed-out case several days after the first,[57] which caused considerable debate and resulted in a few motions to censure Ace McWicked as a moderator. The vote "devolved into pointlessness" according to Ace's fellow mod Blue.[58]

RobSmith v. Mikalos[edit]

12 September 2011

Rob accuses Mikalos of "stalking and hounding" him.[59] Much discussion, longtime-grudging users snipe at each other for unrelated reasons. Nothing happens of note.

Maratrean v. Psygremlin[edit]

2-8 October 2011

Maratrean coops Psy for desysopping him unilaterally.[60] Psy immediately counter-sues, accusing Maratrean of concern trolling, instigating HCM and other offenses.[61] A community ban of Maratrean is proposed by P-Foster as Bbmaj7,[62] though nothing comes of it.

TheoryofPractice [as Bbmaj7] v. Nx[edit]

31 October - 5 November 2011

TheoryofPractice moves to recall Nx from his moderator position, alleging abuse when Nx desysopped him and Ace McWicked in contradiction of the moderator guidelines and the Community Standards.[63] The vote to recall failed 8-14 (with 2 "goat").[64]

RationalWiki v. SuspectedReplicant[edit]

6-17 November 2011

Blue takes SR to the coop for repeatedly revealing personal information about Nx.[65] This is an example of the Coop actually working the way it theoretically is supposed to work; the discussion morphed into a vote, which went down seamlessly, ending 10-3 in favor of a 6-month ban. Blue closed the vote and implemented the penalty without drama.[66]

Psygremlin v. Human[edit]

19-23 November 2011

Psy coops Human for having "thrown his hat in with MC over at his little hate blog", and recommends he step down or be removed as a member of the RW Foundation Board of Trustees.[67] This provoked furious debate, but ended without resolution.


RationalWiki v. Blue[edit]

8 January 2012

After the January 2012 moderator election, Blue sent several emails to Human containing personal information and suggesting he resign. Human posted these on his talk page,[68] redacting her identity. Blue promptly flipped out[69] and reverted Human several times, ultimately locking his talk page at the moderator level. For that last action, P-Foster (TheoryOfPractice) took her to the Coop,[70] where eventually it was decided that everyone should forget it and move on.

RationalWiki v. RobSmith Part I[edit]

3-11 February 2012

Mikalos (Mikal) again takes Rob to the coop for "General Jingoistic Trolling".[71] The debate turned into one about "regulating speech" and whether or not there were grounds to remove Rob's sysop rights. An attempted 2-day block failed in a 1-6 vote.[72]

In re Brxbrx et al.[edit]

7-14 April 2012

A hideously fucking long case that started when Bricks complained that several users were issuing "ceaseless", abusive blocks against him.[73] Ace McWicked accused Brxbrx of vandalism, which Bricks denied. A vote to permaban Bricks failed 7-25 (4 "goat").

Later, UHM apparently "confessed" to the vandalism of which Bricks was accused, triggering a vote to ban UHM for six months that succeeded 25-10 (2 "goat"). Several users voting "nay" insisted that UHM was not guilty, but only taking the fall to save Bricks' hide for whatever reason. Human injected a complaint that RationalWikiWiki was somehow implicated and ought to be shut down. Ultimately the result was nothing happened to Bricks, while UHM faced a 6-month ban.

RationalWiki v. RobSmith Part II[edit]

17-25 April 2012

Sophie opens this cooping, accusing RobSmith of "being a prick".[74] A vote to desysop Rob failed 13-13 (7 "goat"), failing to achieve the necessary majority.[75]

RationalWiki v. Nutty Roux[edit]

1-8 June 2012

Brought by AD, who acknowledged his actions were "tedious" but plugged ahead anyway, accusing Nutty Roux of abusive blocks and desysoppings of Brxbrx.[76] Despite a bizarrely impassioned defense of the defendant's actions by Blue, a motion to strip Nutty Roux's sysopship passed 14-10 (Blue ultimately voted against him).[77]

RationalWiki v. RobSmith Part III[edit]

24-30 July 2012

This time, Ochotonaprinceps brought the case to the Coop, though not to accuse Rob of any crime, but to focus a dispute between Psygremlin, Proxima Centauri and others and the defendant.[78] Another hideously long case, which ended in yet another vote to desysop Rob that failed this time 10-11. A vote to ban Rob failed more spectacularly, 7-14.[79]

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