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"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."
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Things to be done at some point

(Note: You can start or work on any of these that you want)

  • Countries:
    • Our coverage of African countries is lacking, we should improve that
      • Central African Republic - ongoing conflict, history of dictatorships
      • Chad - basically a French puppet state, good example of how colonialism continues to this day
      • Mauritania - notorious dictatorship, also the last place to formally abolish slavery
      • Namibia - Apartheid, genocide, overall a lot to cover with this one
      • Botswana - as a more positive example of a (relatively) successful African country
    • Guatemala - key example of US imperialism
    • Tsarist Russia - overall a lot to cover with this one, I'd need to do a lot of research before I could even begin to do this one justice
  • US history:
  • Other:
    • Amazon - how is this not already an article?
    • Tencent - shady Chinese company
    • Belt and Road Initiative - Chinese neocolonialism
    • Nine-dash line - more Chinese colonial bullshit
    • Conflict minerals in general could use an article
    • Opium - with its history with imperialism (Opium Wars), being a source of conflict in the Middle East, and the whole opioid crisis, there's a lot to work with
  • Pages that should be gold-quality, but aren't: