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Hi, I'm PrinceofAntioch! I'm a liberal lefty (-8.88, -9.21) who for some reason named his profile after a European monarchist title from the Middle East. I like history (17th/18th Century Central/Eastern Europe), philosophy (Existentialism/Interpretism/Empiricism), politics, metal, 20th Century Avant-Garde/Art Music (think Rzewski or Xenakis), Jazz (Bebop or Avant-Garde), cryptography and memes - roughly in that order.

What, are you still here? What're you looking at? I provided all those lovely links for you though... alright, you want more? OK.

I read. A lot. I play Star Wars Armada, and loads of computer strategy games. Although most books I read are factual, I do like Star Wars and historical fiction. I play in a band as a drummer, and have been for six years now (Grade 8 Trinity), not to mention my obsession with CDs (vinyl is cool too - albiet expensive). I like to write historical, political and philosophical essays, music reviews, plays and the odd short story.

With that, I bid you, adieu!

PrinceofAntioch (talk) 17:44, 7 June 2018 (UTC)