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I've admired this wiki for a while now, and have finally decided it's my time to contribute. NOW BOW!


I'm happy to say I have made perhaps my first meaningful contribution in adding the Safety section and the first sourced statements to Water chlorination.

I have finally created an article that I had wished was created since before I was a user: Bobby Fischer! I feel much better being here now and I greatly encourage anyone adding to it.

Created my newest baby: Alister McGrath. Please help it grow. I'll continue adding more to it as well.

What I like[edit]

  • Science (especially physics, and of that, especially quantum physics)
  • Chess
  • Reason and logic

What I don't like[edit]

  • Religion
  • General stupidity
  • People who can't make their own opinions

What I hate[edit]

  • Religious fundamentalism
  • Religion in politics
  • Creationists (as they are far beyond general stupidity)
  • Racism and any form of discrimination