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This is a list of sources for a Patriot Front draft I plan on writing, though feel free to start it yourself. Doing this while I wait for Tether's response to a recent US judge order



Also known as them playing soldiers.

  • Patriot Front Leak: Wellesley, MA Fight Training 11/14/21 Many other videos like this can be found on youtube by searching for titles like this. Might be deleted, could be useful to youtube-dl them just in case. The channel that uploaded this video also has plenty of other videos on Patriot Front, such as them commiting vandalism (the real life kind, not wandalism, though I'm sure they do that too). Supposedly available under CC-BY-NC-SA according to the channel description, though of course be careful, given that people's faces are there and are recognizable, additional restrictions unrelated to copyright may apply.
  • Patriot Front Leak: Riot Drill Instruction Video. Here is where the larp truly shows. Of course, bringing these shields to already violence prone events is not a irresponsible escalation, just like "training" and thinking that they are going to larp as riot police at protests isn't. I'm sure they won't just go around bashing protesters with those shields.

Social media[edit]


  • #patriotfront is a good source for live feeds of patriot front critics.

Alt-Right social media[edit]

These sites use Cloudflare and suck major balls if you use Tor or proxies. Impossible to navigate without glorious Internet Archive. Interesting snapshots should be saved manually to your computer, I consider these sites in high risk of being excluded from Internet Archive.

  • Their Gab profile. Because it is a web snapshot, you should update to the latest snapshot to get the latest version of their feed. Use the menu in the upper left to select the latest version. It may look like images are not saved, but they're there, just click on them.