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Team Rocket is blasting off AGAIN!!!
—My mom, probably

Adopt a stub! C'mon, don't be shy. You know you want to![edit]

Don't let the little stubs be forgotten! Adopt one today! (And adopt pets in real life too, if you can!)

Before you go on with your browsing, I would ask you to spare a few seconds to read this.

As you might have noticed, there are an awful lot of short, unreferenced stubs in the mainspace, most of which are older than the universe itself. These lovely little articles are so deprived of attention they are barely worthy of being on the website. I believe their continued presence here makes us look bad and adds nothing of value to the place.

Alas, we don't let go of things easily here on RatWiki, so simply putting them in the shredder is a no go. YOU, dear stranger, clearly have an interest in the Wiki. You also have plenty of spare time on your hands (made obvious by the fact that you are in front of your screen reading my Userpage right now). So why not give us a hand and take one of these little stubs into your care?

Every Saturday I nominate a low quality stub as my "Stub of the Week". I make a big song and dance about it, letting people know of it's plight and urging them to upgrade it into a full fledged article. If 4 weeks later the stub still hasn't been touched, I propose it for deletion/Draft-space (depending on how many complaints I get from the denizens of this place). I'm sure you have a million better things to be doing besides editing a Wiki like this. But on the off chance that you DON'T, why not take one of these stubs under your wing? You can see all of the stubs ever listed on the left on my blackboard, and also see this week's stub in a sticky post on the Saloon Bar.

If you adopt one, hit me up on my talkpage so I can take it off the list. Thanks!

Who the heck am I?[edit]

Some things about me
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Portrait of Rairyu75 by Albrecht Dürer, painted in 1510. Oil on canvas.

On the various internet holes I like to poke my head into, I go by the name of Rairyu75, which seemed like a good username when I was in my early teens. Now that I'm older I kind of wish I had picked something a bit cooler, but I've had this for a while now, and getting rid of it would feel awkward.

I'm just a man, converting oxygen into carbon dioxide, and trying to make some sense of things around me. I have no formal qualifications to boast with, but I did have teachers throughout my childhood who taught me to read critically, and instilled in me a liking of history, economics and science; both the collection of facts and educated guesses which make them up, and the methods through which we came by them. I ain't a genius or a saint. Just a bored rando, who likes to read about these things

What I do here[edit]

Reading, lurking, reverting some trolling. You know yourself. I have a little list of articles I am planning to tackle, one at a time. Maybe once they are done, I will list them here.