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This page is inspired by Mad LibsWikipedia that I made using {{Noun}}, {{Verb}}, and {{Adjective}}, as well as their ad hom counterparts.

The (possibly) nonsensical story[edit]

The peculiar goat herder stared at his\her computer. A BoN had made a mean post that went something like Beat off.[1] (The BoN was supporting the crazy Conservapedia) The herder sighed. He was tired of the recidivist Conservapedia apologists.

Later parts coming soon! Also, I'm facing difficulties with the ad hom templates. They seem stuck to the only nice result.

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At least, for now. Also, I'm a bit tumbleweed happy.


  1. There is a reason for that. If you still want to read the content, select the dots before the footnote was located.