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About Me
user This user is a user.
This user believes that Gene Ray is a deadly virus set to wipe out humanity.
This user has thumbs.
BrainMop.jpg This user was demoted to janitor Sysop. (verify)
Dove on globe.png??? This user is skeptical about "A Storehouse of Knowledge."
This user suffers from
terminal procrastination!
This user brakes
for goats
This user is a Wikipedian
Donald-trump-secim-840x420 (cropped).jpg This user thinks that Donald Trump doesn't represent this user's America.
Political compass small logo.gif
This user's Political Compass coordinates are (-4,-5.03).
Minesweeper logo.png This user enjoys playing Minesweeper.
This user is a nerd — and proud of it!
Pi-symbol.png This user can only remember pi to 8 decimal places.
This user thinks that evolution explains the origin of species.
This user believes that "Magic man done it" isn't science.

Universe expansion.png
This user thinks that the Big Bang explains the origin of the Universe.
Blue Marble.jpg
This user is concerned about the environment.
This user does not believe so called "faith" can contend with modern science.
Stop hand.png
This user thinks doctors are more authoritative about medical issues than lawyers.
Stop hand.png
This user knows mental health nurses are more authoritative about mental health issues than Conservapedia.
This user believes in an old Earth — a 4.5 billion year old Earth.
Atom.jpg This user does not believe in so-called "tolerance" when it compromises truth.
This user thinks this guy is really creepy
Kool-AidMan.jpg This user did not drink the Kool-Aid™ at Conservapedia
This user went to a public school, and was never homeschooled.
Usa flag circle.png Celebrating over 25,000,000 IP blocks at Conservapedia. Godspeed!
This user supports Human as the rightful leader of Conservapedia.
This user doesn't have much time for this man
Conservlogo late april.png This user believes that Conservapedia is about as trustworthy as North Korea is democratic.
Usa flag circle.png
This user is not post-Conservapedia, but thinks that RationalWiki should keep expanding its horizons.
Dem This user supported Barack Obama for President, and is glad he won.
Gay Pride Flag.svg
This user believes in equal rights for gay people.
This user doesn't care who wins the 2024 presidential election, as long as it isn't a Republican.
Agnostic Question Mark.svg This user is an agnostic; they don't know if there's a God.
Although this user definitely thinks that God doesn’t believe atheists exist, this user is definitely uncertain whether God believes agnostics exist.
Bibleopened.jpeg This user believes the Bible is just another book
Bible This user has never gotten much into the Bible.
Warning This user does not care about your religious beliefs, so long as they are not forced on the rest of us.
This user is not afraid to call their Higher Power by its proper name: physics.

This user lives in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere.
50 States flag.png
This user thinks there is a lot more to the world than this.
This user is interested in Germany.