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Welcome to the International Fraternal Order of the Penguin and congratulations on your promotion to the rank of "Penguin." We in the order all wish you the best of luck. First order of business, please sign your name in our logbooks by typing ~~~~ in the proper place.

Penguin Roll[edit]

--Bobbing up 14:44, 9 October 2008 (EDT)
-- 侍  18:06, 20 February 2009 (EST) (The Japanese word means Samurai)
--SpinyNorman 12:43, 12 March 2009 (EDT) (Well, this doesn't suck. I'm honored)

Rights and Responsibilities[edit]

At the rank of Penguin, you are granted few new rights, but rather your existing skills are augmented. For example

  • Your swimming abilities have increased tenfold
  • You can now easily swallow live fish
  • You will always look fabulous in a tuxedo
  • You have increased insulation for searing cold
  • You have the ability to regurgitate food for your young
  • You can now apply for the Penguin affirmative action program
  • You can sponsor membership and lobby the Penguin Knights on behalf of friends and family
  • You are now legally protected when harassing polar bears Penguin.jpg
  • The right to use the {{User Penguin}} Userbox, proclaiming your status to the world.

However, these rights come with serious responsibilities. First and foremost is upholding the sacred duty of crowding to the edge of the ice to push one of our number into the water, in order to test for Orcas and Sea Lions. You also have to ensure that the name of penguin is sufficiently honored around the world. Take note that any Penguins found to be forsaking their duty may be stricken from the record books and pelted with three week old carp.

Penguin Knights[edit]

The penguin Knight is the highest attainable rank. In the Rationalwiki chapter, we currently have three Penguin Knights:

Tmtoulouse, Human, and SirChuckB

Please lobby directly on thier talk pages.