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Box of boxes
Pi-symbol.gif=3.0 This user wants to teach the real controversy.
(1 Kings 7:23)
; This user has rediscovered the lost art of the semicolon.
This user likes it kinky
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"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
Q space.svg This user knows the difference between scientific astronomy and superstitious astrology. Astrologyproject.svg
This user gave up Roman Catholicism for Lent.
This user is teetotal. That's right - he's been stone cold sober the entire time. No, really.
Andy.gif This user was banned from Conservapedia.
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This user believes in equal rights for gay people
This user is in favour of GM food, because too many people are hungry in the world.
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This user is a tiger, and he's getting hungry.
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Hello! :)

About me[edit]

I am Tigz Q Mordan. There is not a lot here right now other than a box of userboxen, because I'll be going to play Real Life soon I'm really not all that interesting. I'm a furry, we're not known for being all that interesting. I am a hypnotist, though. I am also a geek, and a cypherpunk purely for the hack value.

About me on RationalWiki[edit]

I am a skepticrealist. I came here to learn, and saw a few things I could improve. I still find things I can improve, and try my very best to improve them. But I'm still here to learn. If you find an edit I've made to be out of place, wrong or anything less than perfect (and believe me, there will be plenty of less-than-perfect edits coming from me) change it![1] Or better still: change it, and then let me know what I did wrong on my talk page so I can learn some more! :D[2]

RW-related Awardchievelishmentrophies[edit]


  • IP banned by Conservapedia. Which is odd, since I've never actually edited there.
  • First experience of a reasonably-good (but by no means perfect) edit being simply rolled back to a wildly inaccurate version, with a vague "I'll see what can be salvaged". Followed by the salvaging of pretty much naff-all. Found myself not really giving a toss.


  1. No, really. I'm not some Wikidramamonger, just improve it already. It's a wiki. That's what we're meant to do, right?
  2. Yes, this section means you're welcome to edit my user page too, if you think you can improve it. You might be psychic or something, and know me better than I know myself.


Goodbye! :)