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Stay skeptical, my friends. —TheAmazingSkeptic[1]

TheAmazingSkepticIdeology Icon.png Die erstaunliche Skeptiker

"If there's food for thought, I'm guilty of greed."

- "Lil Wayne" in God Bless Amerika, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

"Intellectual rigor annoys people because it interferes with the pleasure they derive from allowing their wishes to be the fathers of their thoughts."

- George F. Will

"Oh sure, you have time to raise money for kids half way around the world with no obvious problems, but what about all us suffering atheists right here at home? Just yesterday while shopping for a 30 pack of Mountain Dew and I was discriminated against. I had sneezed and a christfag persecuted me by saying 'God Bless You' so I immediately ran home and wrote about my harrowing experience on /r/atheism.
-Gilded redditor, stage 3 atheist, 148 IQ"

- John DelBasso