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  • "[C]rimes without victims are like debts without creditors." Sam Harris. 2004. The End of Faith, p. 171
  • Being in a car renders us mostly mute. Instead of the complex vocubularies and subtle shifts in facial expression, the language of traffic is reduced--necessarily, for reasons of safety and economy--to a range of basic signals, formal and informal, that convey only the simplest of meanings." Tom Vanderbilt. 2008. Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do. p. 21
  • "I feel more comfortable with facts; and death, of course, is the densest of facts; more meaningful, less susceptible to being perverted or misapproporiated by different interpretations, relative versions, readings." Juan Gabriel Vasquez. The Informers. 2004, 2008 translation from the Spanish by Anne McLean. New York: Riverhead Books. ISBN 9781594484674. p. 89
  • "For speaking of philosophy (not of science) I have constantly insisted that since it contains value-considerations within itself, indispensible to its existence as philosophy--in distinction from science--it has a "practical," that is a moral function, and I have held that since this element is inherent, the failure of philosophies to recognize and make explicit its presence introduces undesirable properties into them, leading them on one side to make claims of being purely cognitive, which bring them into rivalry with science, and on the other side to neglect of the field in which they may be genuinely significant, that of possible guidance of human activity in the field of values." John Dewey. "Nature in Experience." 1940
  • "Probably there are countries where you can predict a man's opinions from his income, but it is mever quite safe to do so in England; you have got to take his traditions into consideration as well." George Orwell. The Road to Wigan Pier, 1937, 1961 reprint, p. 108
  • "Human nature is good just as water seeks low ground. There is no man who is not good; there is no water that does not flow downwards." Mencius, 4th c. BC
  • "A king is an animal that lives on human flesh." Cato the Elder
  • Avvocato Simonini: "Once again, he had confirmed my view that when a spy seels something entirely new, all he need do is recount something you could find in any secondhand book stall." Unberto Eco. The Prague Cemetary. p. 104
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