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Political/Religious Boxen

racism This user is biased against racists.
Stop hand.png
This user thinks doctors are more authoritative about medical issues than lawyers.
"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
Moral compass logo.png
This user's Moral Politics results are -4.5,4.5.
50 States flag.png
This user thinks there is a lot more to the world than this.
This user believes in an old Earth — a 4.5 billion year old Earth.
This user believes the Pledge of Allegiance jeopardizes liberty and justice for all.
Political compass small logo.gif
This user's Political Compass coordinates are (-4.25,-6.31).
Q space.svg This user knows the difference between scientific astronomy and superstitious astrology. Astrologyproject.svg
Exploding Planet.jpg
This user thinks that the Rapture is a rather silly idea.
Pussy01.gif This user thinks PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals, and hunts sea kittens.
David - The Death of Socrates.jpg This user believes Socrates didn't die in vain.
Colorful flag.png
This user doesn't give a shit what you do in your bedroom or if you want to marry a shoe or if you are your own gender.
Libertatis Aequilibritas GFDL.png
This user thinks Capitalism is the least worst economic system (and democracy is the least worst political system.)
This user is strictly opposed to libertarianism

RationalWiki Boxen

Dove on globe.png??? This user is skeptical about "A Storehouse of Knowledge."
This user is a member of the authoritariofascist cabal, dedicated to utterly destroy RationalWiki and everything it stands for.
Cp chain of command.gif This user was decratted in the Saloon Bar Putsch.
This user participated in the Conservapedia Day/End of RationalWiki 2.0 Party.
Usa flag circle.png This RationalWiki user no longer reads Conservapedia.
Usa flag circle.png
This user is post-Conservapedia.
New logo.png
This user is a member of the SeriousWiki Cabal.

BrainMop.jpg This user was demoted to janitor Sysop. (verify)
3 This user's Toulouse Number was 3
This user likes the new vector skin.

This user has donated $19.099π to RationalWiki!
Pile of Socks.JPG This user maintains 10 socks on Rationalwiki.
This RationalWiki Sysop has blocked 562 users, protected 15 pages, deleted about 600 pages, and pledges to be responsible.

Personal Boxen

Tent-camping.png This user loves to go camping.
Gnome-utilities-terminal.svg This user is a computer scientist.
This user suffers from Depression and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
180px-Lambda.svg.png This user Lisps.
Eagle Scout knot
This user is an Eagle Scout
Oncorhynchus mykiss mid res 150dpi.jpg This user enjoys fishing.
Ww1lib.jpg <center>This user enjoys farcical Western Propaganda.
Tux1.gif This user runs Xubuntu. This user laughs at malware and people who pay for their operating systems.
800px-Flag of Louisiana.svg.png
This user lives in Louisiana.
I am a man.png
This user is male.
... This user already has too many userboxes, but added another one anyway.
This user enjoys farcical Communist Propaganda.
This user has a Myers-Briggs result of INTP.
Olowki RB.jpg
This user suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
Walther P99.jpg This user possesses a Largely Defensive Weapon of Gun.
This user has been hit by the Pipebomb of Truth.
This user went to a public school, and was never homeschooled.
Here comes rain again.jpg This user loves rainy days.
Blue fleur-de-lis.svg
This user is a member of the Scouting movement
Winter in Norway.jpg This user loves the Winter.
Fog.jpg This user likes foggy days.
Igloo.png This user prefers cold weather.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user loves to read.
Teacup clipart.png This user loves a good cup of tea.
Exquisite-backpack.png This user enjoys backpacking.
This user is a troper.
300px-Infobox collage for WWII.PNG This user is interested in WWII

This user is a fan of dinosaurs.
This user is a plastic modeler.
Cat03.jpg This user believes that cats are NOT food.
Marzipanclose.jpg This user loves marzipan.
\sum_{n=0}^{\infty} \frac{4{(-1)^n } }{2n+1} = \pi This user is an advanced mathematician.
Bluerosecropped.jpg Coffeecake

Babel Boxen

en This user is a native speaker of American English. Albeit with a Southern accent. Except when they don't.
ru-1 This user is can speak Russian at a basic level.
Fr-1 This understands a bit of French, but cannot respond in it.