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So far, most of my edits have been to cryonics. I saw something on TV about it, and it soon turned into one of those temporary obsessions you can't stop reading about. After reading the whole article about it on Wait But Why and even some Alcor materials, it sounded almost legitimate until you realize they use underhanded logic tactics and all of the "then a miracle occurs" holes in their propositions.

It seems like something which is going to grow in popularity despite being completely unsound at all levels. Proponents seem to have unlimited optimism in both technology in human nature, and a lack of understanding of cellular biology or anatomy. It's like playing the Powerball and feeling that they're a good chance you'll win, but it will cost much more than $2.

Outlawing or regulating cryonics out of existence would be going too far, but if we ever need to crack down on wastes of electricity, cryonics should be the first to go.

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