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If you're here it means you want to know stuff about me. Or are really bored. Or both.

I'm British, socialist, working class and just old enough for a mid-life crisis. Would prefer they/name, but don't really mind as long as it's not 'kid' or 'oi you!'. Believes I am not an identity, I am a person. Okay, mainly - the above bits I feel *are* important, at very least understanding where I'm coming from in general terms when here. Hates the term 'allyship', since when acting like a decent human being needed a special word? Or being proud of things about me I have no control over. Might as well be 'proud' of being left-handed. Yay, I need special scissors and find it difficult to use engine starter cords!

Other interests include fitness, roleplaying, reading and putting stuff on my blog when I remember. Which is here:

I have also annoyed the brave warrior Conservative enough to get (apparently) one two of their glorious essays on me, which I am sure shall be highly insightful and filled with pathos if I run out of other things which need doing and get round to read the thing.

Pages I actually got around to helping with[edit]

Charles III