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I'm László Szerémi from hungary. I'm a guitarist, an ex-wingnut (was not racist, but the evil jews...), an ex-communist, a future computer engineer. I criticise conspiracy theories, national mysticism (mostly of Hungarian bullshits, not really interesting to outsiders), woos, consumerism, communism, fascism, nazism, religion, and other things.

The Evil Liberal
Graduation-cap.jpg This user went to public school and was never educated.
This user is an evil-utionist!
Atom.jpg This user does not believe in so-called "tolerance" when it compromises truth.
Earthsat.jpeg This user believes in a young Earth

  — 4.5 billion years young.

Atheist Evolutionist Liberal
This user is a member of the unholy trifecta
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This user is a supporter of Capitalism.
FreePen.jpg They say fair speech; this user says free speech!
racism This user is biased against racists.
This user believes
in universal healthcare
Atheist Evolutionist Liberal
This user is a member of the unholy trifecta
This user is an Elder of Zion and is currently in the process of taking over the world. In secret, obviously.
Warning This user does not care about your religious beliefs, so long as they are not forced on the rest of us.
ain't got
no GOD

This user does not worship.

To do list:

General editing

New articles:

  • Conservative values (eg. classical gender roles, child beating supporting)
  • Hungarian language
  • Guitar woo (maybe, it's hard to being skeptic, when it's about instruments)

Extension of articles:

  • Hungary (adding politics)
  • Audio woo (I have kwonledge in electronics, just ask me)