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RationalWiki™ (RW) used to be a (sort of) funny troll parody of the biased republicans who got banned from Wikipedia and created Conservapedia, but now it's a humorless, lolcow fallout shelter for biased SJW retards who got banned from Wikipedia and is twice as bad as Conservapedia ever was.
—ED on RationalWiki[1]

Encyclopædia Dramatica (ED) is your personal army a wiki that documents Internet culture, memes and "drama" for the lulz. ED documents everything it thinks is wrong with the Internet, and proudly does so in a style that's certainly one of the things wrong with the Internet.


[edit] The ups

ED is good at documenting memes and internet events and gives scathingly horrible hatchet jobs frank reviews of popular websites.

Since it's not limited to Wikipedia's stringent reliable sources, it sometimes has better. In particular, its article on the heavy metal site metal-archives.com[2] and its extensive section on DeviantART[3] are a must.

ED was involved in Project Chanology.[wp]

[edit] The downs

In ED's own words, "expect blatant, biased lies, and expect boring truths to get deleted quickly."[4]

Where ED fails is mostly in its own obsessions with goatse, internet memes, furries, racist and sexist humor, shock value, and most of all, itself. This is hardly surprising, given its contributor overlap with 4chan and Anonymous (as such, ED's article on 4chan is quite favourable by comparison to others). It was also used frequently as a tool against others, with people creating accounts just to write unfunny articles about others they disliked in hopes that other ED readers would attack said person.

In 2014-15, the continued presence of channers and Redditors (especially from Gamergate-related groups) tended to give new ED additions a slightly alt-right, reactionary bent. Strangely, the change doesn't seem to have affected anyone outside of ED.

And of course: the ads. There might be singles near you, but only because they can't run away from ED fast enough. If you want to visit the webpage, we warn you that unlike RationalWiki, Encyclopedia Dramatica is utterly infested with advertisements, along with GIFs, to the point that it takes some time to discern between them at first sight. Hell, even clicking its search bar results in an annoying pop-up half of the time.

[edit] History

ED was started in 2004 by the fine folk at LJDrama.org, a bunch of trolls documenting and encouraging LiveJournal users and their overblown drama and unwarranted self-importance. The owner and founder was Sherrod DeGrippo, a.k.a. Girlvinyl. The site quickly attracted similarly upstanding netizens from 4chan, the GNAA, Bantown and so forth.

ED tends to load slowly, probably because half of the page is advertising for pornography, sex toys, and browser hijacks - the left side bar is especially impressive.

Midway through April 2011, /b/ visitors were surprised to be redirected to a site calling itself "OhInternet". DeGrippo had shut down ED for good, replacing it with "a more toned down content style and a streamlined design," having decided that having every second wikilink take you to "nigger" or "gay" pages was no longer financially viable in the face of escalating liability over various attack pages. It's also possible that there were no more places to put porn ads.[5] (OhInternet in turn died in October 2013; nobody noticed or cared.)

Fans promptly started a couple of forks, dredging ED pages out of the Google cache. So far, encyclopediadramatica.ch encyclopediadramatica.se encyclopediadramatica.es encyclopediadramatica.se has been the most successful reanimation and ED is pretty much back on its feet and several hundred users lighter, without even bothering to pretend it has any legal oversight. With no porn ads. Oh whoops, porn ads again.[6] The current incarnation does load somewhat faster than the original, and has relegated the aforementioned ads to the sidebar and the popups. Yeah, they're that site — the one that seriously uses popup ads; on the other hand, as their goal seems to be to offend, this may actually work to their advantage. AdBlock Plus is advised.

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[edit] Footnotes

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