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—Scottie Spencer on Twitter[1] is an independent alt-right Jewish conspiracy website and "news" organization founded and run by Youngstown, Ohio native Scottie Spencer[2]. The website is slightly similar to the design of David J. Stewart's Jesus Is Savior, however, this site is mainly designated toward promoting anti-Semitism. Spencer's hatred toward the Jews has come far from unnoticed. He is a sympathizer of Adolf Hitler and says that the genocide against Jews was a right decision. Islamophobia and anti-Catholicism is also found on his website, he declares Muslims as Jews and fears for "Islamization" which is also Jewish for him and believes that Pope Francis is a Jewish puppet[3]. Moreover, his entire website is a series of disturbing photoshopped pictures and paranoid schizophrenic "The Jews are evil and are plotting to take over the world with the help of the Antichrist, the Illuminati, and the Zionist government!" rants, which all boils down to the following:

The website promotes other conspiracy theories as well as several typical Christian fundamentalist ideologies such as anti-Catholicism, anti-feminism, homophobia[4], and full support for Donald Trump's presidency, or at least until he decided to order the strike against Syria.

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Warning: The homepage to Smoloko News contains graphic imagery (gore, nudity, horrific caricatures, and highly offensive stereotypes) that may make you feel mentally disturbed. Enter at your own risk!