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Acharya S (1961–December 25, 2015[note 1]) was the pen name of Dorothy Milne Murdock, a "researcher" and proponent of her own rather dubious version of Christ myth theory whose books inspired the 2007 conspiracy film Zeitgeist.[note 2]

Rarely using ancient sources, she was known for making claims about ancient beliefs that have no basis in our understanding of the ancient world. Her book, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection,[1] asserts that the myths surrounding Jesus borrowed heavily from Egyptian deity Horus, an idea dating back to Gerald Massey'sWikipedia book Ancient Egypt, the Light of the World in 1907.[2] However, she made new claims of her own — that December 25th was important in Horus worship, and that he had twelve disciples — neither of these claims can be substantiated by ancient sources.

Her claims about what sources said were generally accurate, but her interpretation of those sources was frequently on crack. Other mythologists were polite to and about her, but cordially considered her a gibbering fruitbat. If you have any other source on the face of the earth for a claim, you should use that source instead.

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  1. No, really.
  2. It goes without saying that she wasn't a real acharya,Wikipedia either.


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