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Ramtha is an alleged old dead guy channeled by J.Z. Knight, who lives on a compound in Yelm, near Tacoma, Washington, whence she also runs her channelling operation and sells books and trinkets.

"Ramtha" is allegedly a Lemurian who led a large army of warriors to conquer two-thirds of the Earth, by fighting the Atlanteans during a period of cataclysmic earth changes 35,000 years ago.[1] Predictably, "Ramtha" predicts more such "earth changes" coming very shortly and suggests we prepare. Otherwise, "Ramtha" teaches anyone who will listen that "you are God," and expresses much knowledge of conspiracies and world affairs, but doesn't seem to know what a carrot is. How this jives with his earlier efforts at world conquest, no one knows.

Shirley MacLaine, something of a woo-meister in her own right, promoted Knight and "Ramtha" in her book Dancing in the Light.

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