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Turboslavism (Polish: Turbosłowianizm) is a pejorative and humorous term used to refer to Polish nationalist pseudohistory, proponents of which are called "Turboslavs" (Turbosłowianie). Turboslavism shares many commonalities with other forms of nationalist pseudohistory, such as a belief in one nation's "Aryanness", a desire to promote territorial expansion of a nation-state, as well as virulent xenophobia (mainly directed towards Germans, whom it portrays as having falsified Polish history).[1] Turboslavism also has anti-Catholic undertones[1] (which is rather peculiar, given that Poland is a mostly Catholic country).

Turboslavism is based on the idea that a vast empire[note 1] existed some time between 70,000 BCE and 200 CE that covered everything from central and eastern Europe through to most of what was the Soviet Union.[1] One of the major promoters of this idea, Janusz Bieszk,[2] apparently promotes ancient-astronauts pseudohistory in his book.[3]

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  1. This empire is known by many names, including Imperium Lechitów, Lechina Empire, and Lechitic Empire. LechiaWikipedia is the legendary name of Poland.


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