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Americans United for Life is an anti-abortion think tank that vomits out bills designed to limit a woman's ability to access abortion services.

Like the Discovery Institute on evolution, with each failure with the voters or failure in courts, the legal hacks at Americans United for Life tweak the proposed bills, making each successive bill slightly more likely to pass.


  • The Woman's Ultrasound Right to Know Act: Virginia and Texas's pre-abortion screening with trans-vaginal ultrasounds is one of the most successful gems of AUL.
  • Abortion Inducing Drug Safety Act: Bans "off label use of drugs which induce abortions." Both Ohio[1] and Oklahoma[2] have passed this law, prohibiting "off label use" of any drug with the intent to cause an abortion. This includes the commonly used, scientifically, and medically accepted anti-abortion drug Mifeprestone. Roughly the same bill was also passed in Ohio.

Many, if not most of their anti-abortion proposed legislation is named with "women centric" and "health centric" names, as they attempt to tell everyone that these laws are really simply ways to protect women's health.

  • Women's Health Protection Act (Abortion Clinic Regulation): TRAP law(s) which determine how many physicians must be in a clinic at all times, how wide halls and doors must be, and the specific qualifications for a clinic to provide abortions come directly from Americans United for Life.
  • Abortion Patients' Enhanced Safety Act: Claims that since doctors providing abortions (apparently) do little else, and that the patient and the doctor do not have a long term relationship as such (sure, in 2012, when doctors spend on average 7 minutes with patients), abortion clinics must be defined as ambulatory surgical centers, and must have the staff and equipment necessary for any surgical center.[note 1]
  • Coercive Abuse Against Mothers Prevention Act: Since women are so often coerced into abortion, this law would make it mandatory for anyone who even suspects a woman seeking abortion was coerced, must report it to "the authorities." Ooh, ah... The catch, though, is that it makes it a crime for a doctor to have performed the abortion, or be liable for civil damages, even if he did not suspect much less know of the abuse.

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  1. No, it is not clear how the fact that you spend little time with your doctor means it's a surgical center. It does truly baffle the mind.


  1. Jodi Jacobson. "Ohio Supreme Court Prohibits Off-Label Use of RU486 and Denies Release of Clinic Records." RH Reality Check. 2009 July 1.
  2. In May 2012, a state judge struck the law down as being unconstitutional according to the Oklahoma constitution.