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Animal Rights Militia

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Animal Rights Militia (ARM) is a name used by a fringe group of animal rights activists who engage in terrorism "direct action" and "physical confrontation" with people whom they claim (not necessarily unreasonably) are involved in animal torture, with the purpose of saving animals. Like the Animal Liberation Front, from which it likely splintered, it is a leaderless resistance movement and consists of autonomous small cells acting independently. Its tactics include sending letter bombs,[1] committing arson,[2] blackmailing, and threatening mass assassination,[3] which is viewed as "terrorism" by most reasonable people. They also fail to notice that their actions are, in themselves, torturing animals—said animals being members of the species homo sapiens. As such, they are guilty of the very thing they are trying to stop.

In an interesting combination of fundamentalist ideologies, jailed ARM letterbomber Glynn Harding told police the he had reached an agreement with Jesus that in exchange for mailing 100 bombs, Harding’s stillborn child would be allowed to enter heaven.[1]

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