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Astrosophy is basically astrology, but is made different by its affiliation with Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.[1] It was made in large part by Willi Sucher (1902–1985), a German Astrosophist, though it was influenced by pre-existing Astrosophist ideas. Astrosophists often tend to summarize Astrosophy as "the new wisdom of the stars".

Astrosophy vs. astrology[edit]

For all practical purposes, astrosophy can just be considered a form of astrology. Astrosophists tend to be affiliated with the Anthroposophist movement, as was Willi Sucher. Little differences seem to be plainly evident between the two.

Purveyors of astrosophy[edit]

  • Willi Sucher
  • Astrosophy Research Center
  • The Sophia Foundation[2]
  • Rudolf Steiner College[3]

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