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Not to be confused with human biodiversity, a euphemism for racialism.

Biodiversity is the somewhat hard-to-define quality of variation among living things in a specific ecosystem, in agriculture, within a certain taxonomic group, or in the entire biosphere.

Biodiversity is seen as important to the sustainability of life in general and as an all-round Good Thing.[1] Having various options of "life support systems" often means that, when conditions change, they are unlikely to all fail at once.[2]

Environmentalists regard human-caused ("anthropogenic") loss of biodiversity as a serious problem. Some branches of environmental philosophy give intrinsic value to biodiversity, and consider its conservation important beyond ecological services for humans.[3]

It is difficult to measure biodiversity. Simply counting the number of species, for example, causes one to see more biodiversity in a pond with 6 species of grass than in a pond with 2 species of grass, a fungus, a species of frog, and a species of cricket. More complex information-based methods must decide when to describe genetic diversity versus diversity based on phenotypes and memes, which require more definitions of measurements themselves. Meaningful diversity-indices also take into take into account the total number of individuals of each species, and apply statistical measures.[4][5][6]

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