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John A. Davison

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John A. Davison (1928–2012) was an American biologist most well known for his opposition to the neo-Darwinian synthesis.[1]


Davison earned a PhD in biology and had a 30-year career as an associate professor of zoology at the University of Vermont.[2] However later in his life his papers were mostly only published by creationist groups.


Davison claimed to be a Roman Catholic and a creationist yet he accepted common descent and advocated non-Darwinian evolution. He promoted the idea that evolution had stopped millions of years ago and would usually cite early 20th century biologists in his defence of this view. He also claimed natural selection and mutation were not evolutionary mechanisms. Davison is known for many of his papers one of which was his A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis.[3]

Online trolling[edit]

Towards the end of his life Davison would spend hours spamming websites and blogs about how Darwin's theory of evolution was wrong and unscientific and how the neo-Darwinists had ruined science. Davison was banned from many forums and even banned from intelligent design websites for his constant trolling. He was known for sending abusive emails to scientists who he claimed were "brainwashed" by Darwinism.[4]

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