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Professor Stick is a demon[2] a wizard[3] an atheist and skeptic YouTuber who became popular from a video titled "Flat Earther Tries to Debunk Me on the Solar Eclipse",[4] which was a response to a flat Earth video by Bro. Sanchez, an unbelievably well-known and popular YouTuber in the Flat Earth community. The video received over 951,000 views.

Professor Stick's channel is dedicated to promoting secularism, reasoning, education, science, and debunking pseudoscience on the internet. Most of which consists of debunking/responding to videos promoting creationism, flat Earth, medical woo (primarily on cancer woo), anti-vaxxers, Christian fundamentalists, and Islamism. As of April 2020, Professor Stick's YouTube channel has over 200,000 subscribers and over 31 million views.[5]


See the main article on this topic: Abortion

Professor Stick is pro-choice and has been highly critical of the anti-abortion movement. On April 2017, Stick did a collaboration video with atheist YouTuber, Godless Cranium, in response to Hunter Avallone's video on abortion.[6]


See the main article on this topic: Anti-vaccination movement

Professor Stick responded to several people claiming about "the dangers of vaccines" and "how it's safer to not have your children vaccinated" mostly with what they say is "supported" by pseudoscientific doctrine and unfounded claims.[7][8][9] Stick also said that anti-vaxxers are the second type of ignorant people whom he hates after global warming denialists.[10]


See the main article on this topic: Creationism

Professor Stick has a degree in biology[11] and has spoken against creationism multiple times in videos refuting creationist claims. In fact, the first video on his channel was called A Creationist's Worst Nightmare, which is a response to creationist nutjob Kent Hovind's video that was mostly filled with irrelevant things in a dismal attempt to blame the failures of the American education system on atheism and the teaching of evolution.

Another creationist whom Stick responded to was Richard Kent, who tried and ultimately failed to explain how the Second Law of Thermodynamics is evidence for creationism against evolution[12] and how fossilization doesn't occur over millions of years, but instantly. Therefore, Noah's flood.[13]

One responded several times to a creationist YouTuber known as A Bit of Orange.[11][14][15][16][17]

Cancer woo[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Cancer

Professor Stick has made many videos to those claiming a purported cure for cancer. One of his most well known videos was Stick responding to Dr. Antonio Jimenez of Hope4Cancer, where Dr. Jimenez claims that "Vitamin B17" (laetrile) can cure cancer.[18] Stick's video ended up receiving a lot of backlash in the comments section.[19]

Flat Earth[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Flat Earth

Professor Stick has mentioned that many video requests he's received were about Flat Earth.[20][21] In the videos he does make about Flat Earth, a lot of them were about calling flat earthers out on their crankery. In one of his earliest Flat Earth debunking videos, he tackles lies created by rapper, flat earther, conspiracy theorist, and professional liar Matthew Procella, a.k.a., ODD TV[22] in a video calling Flat Earth the most cringe-worthy conspiracy ever.[23]

In that video, Procella made these claims to be "evidence" of a Flat Earth.

Some other pseudo-intellectual flat earthers whom Stick has responded to are Orphan Red[24][25], Jake the Asshole[26], Darrell Marble, aka, D. Marble,[27] Flat Earth Talk[28], Delano Edwards[29], and other less notable ones.


See the main article on this topic: Religion

Professor Stick frequently tackles Christianity and Islam on his channel.


Some of the videos that he responded to were on PragerU's nonsense.[30][31][32] Some other various topics that Stick responded to dealt with the claim that "Christianity is not a religion"[33] and the relation with science and Jesus.[34]


Professor Stick is also a critic of Islam and made several videos responding to Muslims,[35][36][37][38] including two videos on Zakir Naik.[39][40]

On July 2016, Professor Stick made a video asking Muslims these questions:

  1. Are you aware of the No True Scotsman fallacy? You're saying that the terrorists such as ISIS are not true Muslims. Well, they in turn will say that you're not a true Muslim. Just because someone interpreted the Quran differently than you does not mean they're not Muslim. In fact, why do you get the title "Muslims", not them? Maybe we should call you guys something else.
  2. Why do you get so angry when somebody criticizes your religion? Out of all the religions out there, you guys are the most offended when the topic comes to your religion. In addition, when something horrible happens, such as the Orlando shooting, you guys go straight to defending your religion without even a thought of victims […] Why would you put your beliefs over the empathy for the victims?
  3. Do you not understand the discrimination depicted in your Holy book? Don't tell me the Quran puts men and women in the same line. There are explicit areas in the Quran that mention that men are greater than women. Also, have you ever thought of this? The fact that your Quran is directed towards a male audience already makes it sexist.
  4. Not all Muslims are terrorists […] But why don't you accept that there is something fundamentally fucked up with your religion? Out of all the religions out there, your religion is responsible for the most amount of modern terrorist attacks and violence […] The fact that your religion can be interpreted in such a way to drive people into terrorism acts already shows there's something wrong with it.[41]

On RationalWiki[edit]

Oh my god. An article about me on RationalWiki? I am so honored! :D
—Professor Stick[42]

See also[edit]

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