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Br3aking Porn

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Br3aking Porn (formerly known as Teens Against Porn or FAP TAP) is an online anti-pornography activist group. The website is fundamentalist Christian, and is directed mostly towards "teenagers who struggle with pornography and maintaining sexual purity." After enjoying a brief stint as an actual porn site, the website is now offline.

Pastor porn[edit]

The site was run by an outfit called "Pure Community Ministries," whose stated purpose was "to help those who struggle with or have been hurt by sexual sin find healing." Pure Community offers adults struggling with porn addictions various faith-based resources, including "The Purity Report for Pastors," a service directed at pastors who are "struggling with pornography or other sexual integrity issues." They "provide private, pastors-only forums which allow confidential use of [their] accountability framework."[1]

Journey to a porn-free life[edit]

Br3aking Porn provided its users with what it called "3 Distinct sets of tools to help with [the] journey" to a porn-free life: A blog meant to "teach about sexual purity and entertain"; a forum "facilitate safe discussions, accountability and entertainment where teenagers learn from people who have been there, done that, and can aid them in their journal toward sexual purity"; and various resources, mostly links to sites that "inspire sexual purity."

Fire escape[edit]

Thoughtfully, the site's designers included a "Fire Escape" feature to minimize the embarrassment that would arise if that cute girl from your trig class walked past your table at the malt shop while you're looking for online support to break your chronic porn habit. Pressing "F1" while on the site changed the site's banner, so that instead of saying "BR3AKING PORN" in giant letters it read "BR3AKING CORN";[note 1] pressing "F2" opened a new browser tab. Perhaps "Br3eaking" is meant to rhyme with "freaking".

Conservative Christians[edit]

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a conservative Christian site, its critique of pornography did not draw upon the feminist themes that are common in much anti-porn discourse, and instead focused more on the effects of pornography on porn's (predominantly) male consumers. A search on the site for pages using the word "women" yielded exactly two hits: an article titled "Twenty-Six Destructive Consequences Porn Viewing Has on a Man."[2] and a link to a site called the Pink Cross, a group that "reach[es] out to the adult film industry offering support to women and men...[and] to those struggling with pornography offering education and resources to recover."[3]

Later developments[edit]

In June 2014, the website for Br3aking Porn was shut down and the domain purchased by an unnamed second party.

From January 2016 to July 2016, the website hosted... porn videos. This apparently stopped some time between July and August 2016.[note 2]

Pure Community Ministries also appears to be defunct, as the organization's former webshite is now a malware infested link farm. However, an associated video page[4] still appears to be online.

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  1. Whether this has any relation to "cracking corn"Wikipedia is unknown
  2. Last screencap on the Internet Archive was on August 23, 2016 (NSFW, duh!). The current website (as of August 2016) cannot be archived due to technical errors on the Wayback Machine and, but currently appears to be unused.


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