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Even though our Queen was anointed to reign under the authority of God in the Name of Jesus Christ and given the Holy Bible as 'the rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes,' her ministers pass laws in opposition to the will of God.
—Front page, Christian Voice Website.

Christian Voice is the United Kingdom's answer to American-style Christian fundamentalism. Supporters of Christian Voice oppose (among other things) abortion, homosexuality, mosque-building in the United Kingdom, and gambling. The organization's website claims that single-parent families, violent and non-violent crime, injustice, and the fact that something is "deeply wrong" are all symptoms of the nation (whatever "nation" they may mean by that) becoming less and less Christian. They also seem to be obsessed with homosexual police-officers and police officers taking part in gay-pride events (they're shaming their uniform, don't ya know?). They wrote to every single Chief Constable about it, then used it as statistical proof for moral depravity and decline. They also seem to be massively pro-monarchy. Think Fred Phelps meets the BNP.

The UK Co-op refused to continue the account of Christian Voice due to the anti-gay policy of the latter, and both sides criticised each other with strong language.[1] Their website rants about all the usual suspects; they also campaigned against the building of a mosque as part of the 2012 Olympics games.[2]

Jerry Springer protests[edit]

Oh, no. Not that wanker. Tell him to fuck off.
—Jesus Christ on Stephen Green[3]

Practically unheard of before Jerry Springer: The Opera, they, or rather their leader Stephen Green,[note 1] organised a hate campaign against the producers of the show and petitioned the BBC not to show it, even at midnight, because the Jesus portrayed in the show apparently looked "a little bit gay". Like so many fundies they fail to realise their television has an off switch, not that many of them would be likely to have seen it anyway before protesting.

To compound matters further, Christian Voice then forced cancer charity Maggie's CentresWikipedia to reject a £3,000 donation from the Opera, after threats from the organisation. It was claimed Christian Voice had threatened to picket their centres, which provide something that Christian Voice never could — an actual benefit to society — in the form of palliative care for cancer sufferers and their families; something that 'Voice' singularly didn't give a shit about. How very Christ-like (sarcasm alert).[4]

Brutal Britain and wife beating[edit]

Green only stopped beating his wife because she divorced him,[5] and generally gives wives few rights.[6] Green runs a site called Brutal Britain under the auspices of Christian Voice. Brutality is apparently fine when it's done in the name of Christ; it's just the godless brutality he objects to.

On fake rape allegations[edit]

On the Christian Voice website, Stephen Green (who is no longer beating his wife) recently wrote an article which argues that women making false rape allegations against men is far more common than is thought (there is not any solid evidence that false rape allegations are substantially higher than for any other crime, which is further confounded when one factors in how many rapes are not reported to the police). The article says that the figure is plausibly much higher because... women flirt with people. Really. There is apparently no major difference between a woman flirting with a man in a bar in order to get him to buy her a drink, and her risking criminal perjury proceedings by making false rape accusations.[7]

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There is also an unrelated American lobby group called Christian Voice.[8]

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  1. In fact, there's apparently little evidence to suggest Christian Voice is anything but Stephen Green acting alone.