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Caller: Billy.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Caller in green.

Hello Billy. Welcome.

Welcome to you guys!


I have a very important question, OK? And Phyllis, you talked about this more than once. I listen to you on the radio, the first time I ever called you. This past year my church got me to start reading the word of God through for the whole year, and now I'm starting on the second year of going through it again. But when I went to school doing the studies that I'm doing now, we were not taught phonics, at all. And I am finding out that now, in trying to get into the Greek and Hebrew, since I don't have any phonics sounds...

You say, Billy, you said you were not taught phonics? Is that what you said?

Yes sir. And I was wondering if he had anything for a 53, almost 54 year old male that could learn the phonics sounds so that I could make my life a little easier in the process of doing more of my Biblical studies.

Well, I would suggest, Billy, that you get my book Turbo Reader. It's designed for students, but the English language is the English language. And if you, you could go through it rather quickly and learn the phonetic sounds because the English language is about 85% phonetic. And there are a lot of big words in the Bible. And the trouble with kids who are not taught phonics is once they get past one syllable words, they're just lost.

Well, that's what I'm getting into, even with some of the names and the things that we have in our own scriptures, I have, it's just like a battle to be able to pronounce them and it just, it gets aggravating at times.

Well, I would suggest you get my Turbo Reader[1]. You can go on our internet, on our website, or you can go on


  1. Phyllis's first plug for her TurboReader.