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Caller: Dan.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Caller in green.

Hello Dan. Welcome to the program.

Hellooo, Phyllis. This is Dan. How are you today?


I used to be a liberal and now I'm a conservative...

Oh, wonderful!

...and I've always listened to you, and I just really enjoy working with you[1] but right now I'm a substitute teacher, in public school, and I've been doing it for over 10 years, and I'm having problems getting into private schools. So my question was - Is homeschooling an alternative to public and private and magnet schools?

And the answer is yes...


...homeschooling is different...

Ah hah

...from any type...

And another thing is I wanted to pass by you, because it's something you could add on or maybe talk to another website about, is the intelligent design or creationism, that, that whenever I sub for biology a lot of the kids are very concerned that we don't teach that.

Well that's right...

It's quite interesting's disputed on the public schools...

Ah hah, so if we could have some of the public schoolers at least be able to homeschool that part too. 'Cos I had one book I that looked at called "Creationism", er it was a creationism book, and it had all the scientists that were Christians and it just blew me away. Faraday, all of them.

That's right.

You know, back in those days everybody had to have a doctorate of divinity as well as their [giggles] other Ph.D.s. So, they feel there's a lot of that, but students themselves see, that a lot of that is not being taught.

Well that's exactly right, and we have all that on


...all that information's there and public school students can go there and see what they're not getting in public schools. What's been banned and prohibited from the public schools. So that's all available on And that illustrates an advantage of homeschooling...

well, I think...

...we don't have that type of censorship of ideas you have in public school.

Ya, I found a DVD from, I think. That's the big Intelligent Design thing and it's just fantastic. A lot of secular people that I have even had some [indecipherable] about, switched over to Christianity.

Well I'd like to point out that there are a lot of good Christian teachers in the public schools, like Dan. But the teachers do not pick the textbooks or decide the curriculum and a lot of them are very much hamstrung by what is chosen by others.


  1. Is he another planted caller?