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Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Announcer in italics.

Our last caller, Mary, was asking about parents who really aren't capable of homeschooling their children and I will tell you, when I started to teach reading to my 5-year olds, I had two degrees but I didn't think I was capable. And then I found that it's really a snap if you've got the right tool, and my Turbo Reader[1]. would be the right tool so you that can do it. And then as you move along with the years, and you teach them their multiplication tables, and how to add and subtract, and things they are not learning in school, you can go on Conservapedia, and you can take some of Andy Schlafly's courses, about American history and government, and then in your support group locally there will be people who will, will teach some of the math and science courses and some of the high school courses that are so important.


  1. Phyllis's second plug for her TurboReader.