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Caller: Marcy Mary.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Announcer in italics. Caller in green.

Welcome, Marcy.

Hi. Hi, this is Mary.

Oh, hi Mary.

I just have a comment. I am a former teacher, and I am a Christian, and I believe homeschooling is a wonderful idea. However, I’ve run into two examples in my own family where children have been - quote unquote - "homeschooled", because they didn’t want to send them to school. So there’s a gap here somewhere, that we need to address in that some people are really not capable of homeschooling their own children.

Andy, what’s your answer to that?

Yeah, I think most people are capable of teaching their children how to read and how to do basic arithmetic and how to do basic writing and those are the fundamental tools, that we all need to learn and a lot of people are not learning that in public school. As you get more advanced, then what parents can do is they can fall back on the homeschooling community and the online resources like what I describe as There’s no parental involvement needed there, all you need to do is give the student a computer, the student can read the lectures and do the homework and get the feedback from the teacher - myself - and the parent does not have to teach the child American history and economics and -

[Andy was cut off by the announcer setting up a commercial break, see approx. 12:50 in the original]