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Caller: Lois, liberal hater.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Caller in green.

Hello Lois, Welcome.

Thank you. Andy, I heard you speak at Phyllis's Eagle Council in September in DC, and you mentioned that now the liberals are beginning to see the success of the homeschool movement and are entering homeschooling and that the support groups now need to begin to figure out some kind of, just like you're talking about the Conservapedia, the liberals logging on, how do people effectively keep those who also have an anti-Christian anti-conservative bias out of their support groups?

That's a superb question, Lois, and you're exactly right that the liberals are infiltrating the homeschooling movement. And I think it's a matter of staying true to certain principles, certain Christian principles and not allowing them to be diluted or changed by others who are coming in from the outside. We're not trying to be the most popular movement in the world. We need to stay true to our principles and I've suggested perhaps a one page constitution that homeschool groups could use around the country that make it clear that they're going to adhere to certain conservative principles and not allow homeschooling to become like public schooling.

Well I suppose there are liberals who want their kids to be smart and they realize they're not learning much in public school so they've gone to homeschooling, but they can have their groups. What you mean is you don't want them infiltrating the conservative groups. And can you make this sort of statement of rules or constitution available to us so we can have it available at Eagle Forum for anybody who asks us?

Yes we can, and I'll do that. And just to give you one example one of the rules we have is that the class will begin with a Christian prayer. Everyone else is welcome, we don't impose any religion test. If you want to be an atheist or any other religion that's fine. But the class is going to start with a Christian prayer.

Well. Well, that's certainly different from the public schools.