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Caller: Tyler, a student of Andy's.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Caller in green.

Oh hi Tyler. Welcome to the program.

Thank you very much, Mrs. Schlafly. Hi Mr. Schlafly, this is Tyler, as you know.[1] I just wanted to say that your classes have been a huge benefit to my education. I started going to Mr. Schlafly's classes when I was in ninth grade, just beginning my homeschool career. I had gone to public school from kindergarten 'til eighth grade since that point, and it was just a great learning environment that I found myself in. Mr. Schlafly's classes are a great place not only just for teaching, but also as a social setting, the homeschoolers. And also I learned different skills such as the Conservapedia, which we started in my junior year, and also he has us do debates which helped us with our public speaking skills as well, so I felt I gained many benefits from being in Mr. Schlafly's classes.

Oh that's great. Have you posted anything on Conservapedia?

I have. I have posted a couple articles in my junior year and senior year. I'm now a freshman in college, so not as much, as I have less time.

Oh you got into college as a homeschooler?

Yes. I'm at Liberty University and I have a full scholarship, actually.

Oh! And after you... how many of Andy Schlafly's classes did you take?

I believe four, so. ...

And after you took them did you take these tests that kids take before they go to college like SATs and so forth?

Yes. I did take the History II CLEP exam and I passed that with flying colors.

You passed it after you took Andy's class?


Well, OK!

And the CLEP exam is a college level exam. That's an exam that enables the students to earn college credit. And we've had a tremendous success rate on that exam based on my high school courses, so that is an illustration of how useful these courses could be. And Tyler, I greatly appreciate your comments and you were a superb student and you've got a very bright future in college and beyond.

Oh that's great. Thanks a lot for your call.

Thanks very much.

Andy tell us a little more about some of the subject areas you have on Conservapedia, and, suppose I'm doing research on various current events. I would go to it just like I would go to Wikipedia and put in a search word and then something would come up, is that the way it works?

That's exactly right, and that's why everyone is shifting over from printed encyclopedias and dictionaries to the internet because it's so easy. You simply type in a term and the answers come right up on the screen. You don't have to get up and go to a different room. You don't have to page through an index. It's just a matter of typing it in, clicking it and you're right there. And then you can go to the next screen and it's a tremendous research tool. A lot of people are using it for the Bible. The internet's become a great resource for the Bible, and for people to see the translations, to see the original Greek and Hebrew, and we've got a number of entries on Conservapedia that discuss the Bible and I've learned a great deal about the Bible from Conservapedia.


  1. Probaby because Andy asked him to appear on the program in the first place.