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Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text.

Andy, we have some calls lining up, but let me ask you one question: when I homeschooled you and your brothers and sisters, just the first grade, teaching you how to read at home, and then entered you all in the second grade, I didn’t know one other living person who taught their kids at home. What’s happened to the homeschool movement since then?

The movement has expanded by leaps and bounds, and particularly in the last year or two I’ve seen a great exodus from the public schools into homeschooling. It’s now obvious that the public schools are a tool for the left to indoctrinate, and confuse, and mislead, and destroy our children, and I urge every parent out there to consider options other than public school, and homeschooling is a terrific option to restore the happiness and the positive outlook and the productivity to your child.

And there are all kinds of resources available to homeschool teachers now?

There are, there are tremendous resources, free resources, there are great support groups, there are homeschool communities, there are parties here where I am, we’ve got hundreds of families that homeschool, we’ve gotten to know each other, and it’s a good diverse group too. My daughter noticed that actually homeschooling is more diverse than what you’re likely to find in the public schools; you get a lot of people who’ve traveled to foreign countries, you get people who do missionary work, you get a lot of experts in different areas, it’s a tremendous community and I urge everyone to consider taking advantage of.