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Caller: Lisa (public school teacher).

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Caller in green.

Hello Lisa, welcome to the program.

Hi. I just had a question about, um, I mean, I'm sure there's a cost involved with, um, you know taking the homeschool classes on line and stuff like that? Can you give me more information about that?

No, there really isn't. I do charge a small amount for the in-person classes but I'm welcoming people online, and I don't charge anything online. So, I encourage all listeners out there to try out the classes through Conservapedia, and there's no charge for that, at all. So you can go to Conservapedia, you can look at the left side, there's a link there called Educational Index, and if you click on that link as I just did, you'll see all the classes, and you can just dive right in, and I'll notice you, and I'll start responding to you without any charge.

Is there anything for younger kids? Like elementary kids?

N... It's mostly at the high school level. Now I encourage parents not to hold their kids back, I've had some very successful students who were only 12 years old, for example. These courses, history, writing, economics, American government, these are courses that younger students can pick up, quite well, and so I encourage you don't hold your, your students back, I'm not sure which age your talking about for elementary school but, but someone as young as 8, 9, 10 years old can learn American history almost as well as a high school student can.

Um, and then is there like a network or anything as far as, I mean cause this sounds really neat what you're doing, I'm actually a public school teacher, but I wouldn't mind even doing something even like that on the side, for, you know, for younger kids or it would be nice if there were, cause I'm talking like 6-years old, 9-years old, I think like, as you said, they can always use all the extra help they can get.

I think you're right and just go ahead, go on the site, you and any other listeners, and I'll notice you, and then we can begin communicating, and I welcome expansion to reach the younger students, I welcome public school clubs.