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Presumably needing lebensraum, Hitler finally gets a foothold on a talk pageimg. Update: Hitler is defeated, and the diff is oversighted. NEIN! Ze diff ist kaput, but Der Führer vill remain for a zouzand yaz!img


Um... Andy... what does Al Gore's presidential race and Nobel winning achievements have to do with abortion betrayal?img As the song goes, "One rant at a time, sweet Jesus..."


Ken is really committed to the Richard Dawkins Projectimg, and prepared to generate 50-100 article titles!!img for it. At some point he will become so ill that no one will be able to ridicule him.


Andy thinks that the Polar Music Prize is only given to over-the-hill rockersimg, such as Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, BB King, Led Zeppelin...


Ken is under the impressionimg that Conservapedia is singlehandedly responsible for decreasing acceptance of evolution in Canada. Despite their valiant efforts, 58% of Canadians accept evolution as fact.


Somehow this editimg causes Jpatt to respond in this fashionimg.


How come no one seems to know about this best selling video game called "Spring", which sold $500 million on the first dayimg? .. Ah, that's just Andy's humorous habit of skimming over articles and misreading them. Closure: "Thanks forimg fixing thatimg, don't know how that got in there".


Andy answers the age old question: what is worse, drugs or liberals?img


Jpatt seems to be using a CP headline generatorimg.


Andy (on Conservapedia Mainpage): There's a video game that rewards you for playing as a terroristimg. Source(s): "I discussed this with a group of teenagers last week"img. UPDATE TK: Modern Warfare 2 promotes terrorism!img User: Nuh uh.img TK: Lastimg wordism!img


Andy's knack for mathematical pedagogy on display again, as he adds to cp:Set some insightful examples of sets a bizarre anti-abortion screedimg.


Conservapedia finishes their Bible Retranslation Project ahead of schedule today!img Wait, didn't they say they would finish it by Easter? I guess accurate timekeeping is a liberal trait.


TK celebrates 2.5 years of the Obama Presidencyimg....15 months in. UPDATE Rather than take out the bit that wasn't in the cited article, just changeimg what the article says


What, a new article of the year already?img But it's only the end of April, and the Evolution article was doing so well!


All aboard the ghost train.


User: It's probably a coincidence that Earth Day happens to be Lenin's birthday.img Andy: Since both communism and environmentalism are evil, I'd rather pretend otherwise.img Psst, Andy, look at all these other liberal conspiracies.


When is pop-cultureimg not pop-culture?img When Ed Poor createsimg the article about "love-starved Japanese schoolgirls".


JClarke revertsimg a wholeimg bunchimg of vandalismimg and is thanked with a five-year blockimg.


Conservative on mainpage:img Conservapedia are bringing a friend to help write the Conservapedia anti-abortion project! Just like Conservapedia did for our Intelligent Design article! Conservapedia have friends in the pro-life movement! Conservapedia, Conservapedia, Conservapedia, abortion, Conservapedia, Conservapedia, Eisenhower, Conservapedia, Conservapedia, abortion, Conservapedia, Conservapedia! (see Semantic satiation)


This site is growing rapidly!


What!? The UN is using its Peacekeeping budget to pay for Peacekeepers?!img Liberal logic.


Don't touch my Medicaid! - I'm obese, riddled with heart disease, and a proud 'Murcan (burp), and I need that (burp) Govmint health support. Unlike those (burp) trim Commie uberlordsimg. Burp.


Somehow Buffalo Ken thinksimg that he needs the same link three timesimg in a news storyimg


Yup, people are gettin' more stoopidimg. For proof, see hereimg, hereimg, hereimg, and last, but certainly not least, hereimg.


Who knew that even FOX NEWS would be too liberal one dayimg?


Hitwin has finally evolved. Proof: It's Stalwin!img Direct link to image.


ABORTION AND ADOLF HITLER!!!1!!!!eleven!111!img UPDATE: Ken likes itimg. UPDATE: And he's reallyimgconfused.img


Conservative states what we all already knew: YouTube has issues with copyright claims.img Damned atheists!


The sky falls: Andy admits that Obama might only be wrong 99% of the time.img


Another Poor stub: "Destroying evidence is a crime."img Thanks, Conservapedia! Update: Sarcasm or parody?img Update 2: Oh boy, gotta have that pop culture referenceimg in there.


Gee, I wonder what he is getting atimg?


User: No offence Andy, but I think Lenski didn't pony up the dough because you're not a scientistimg. Andy: Lenski didn't make it available to anyone, so there!img User: Rubbish,img I read it yesterday! Andy: Bollocksimg did you. User: Here it isimg. Andy: That's notimg the real data. User: You can find the "real" data hereimg. Andy: WHERE'S THE DATAimg (repeat ad nauseam) That'simg enoughimg from the evilutionists. For bonus points, Andy ascertains deceit based on British spellingimg, ergo anyone writing in English is untrustworthy. C.S. Lewis, the damn liberal, would be impressed.


Article creation tip of the day: checkimg your spelling.img


Ken plans to make an abortionimg out of the Creationism Evolutionimg manufactroversy. twiceimg


Vandal:"My hundreds of friends and I are going to attack your site constantly." Conservative:Web traffic is up! Hooray!img Bonus laughs DouglasA "No Ken, thisimg is how you write a headline."


Wait a second!!! We thought this was a conservative site. Instead TK dissesimg Obama for not providing enough government hand-holding! Whatever happened to letting the poor simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps?img


In TK's blissful world of breathtaking ignorance, coming second is un-Americanimg.


Thanks for the updateimg, Ken. There is simply no other way to view that YouTube video.


Union boss quits half way through his term? TRAITOR!img....Sarah Palin? HERO!img


This can only get better....img Alright, fess up, who was it?img


Now crashing into a car that cuts across the road in front of you is a Hollywood value.img


TK invokes Godwin's criticise those who invoke Godwin's lawimg


Andy in one sentence: I've never heard of it, therefore it can't be prominent.img UPDATE: Andy is now arguing with a corpse, thanks to TK's tasteful intervention.img So Andy gets another "last-wordism" trophy. UPDATE DEUX: It remains a Minor collegeimg - interesting how the fact that its newly-created article's main problem is a lack of citations,img apparently. UPDATE TROIS: TK deletes and protectsimg the UCL article: "Contrary to Community Guidelines." Apparently Ed Poor's unfinished movie review in the mainspaceimg is a perfectly good encyclopaedic entry however.


Apparently, Liberal's David Lloyd George is still in 10 Downing Street.img I wonder if Labour's Gordon Brown knows?


Andy posts a story about Democrats rushing to the Republican sideimg, ignoring the very next sentence in the article which states not to read too much into the statistic as "[i]n 2008, we saw just the opposite."


Healthcare "reform" failing in Massachusetts? JPatt seems to think soimg, and he honestly may be on to something.


TKimg, the dumbshit.


Conservapedia now features a "Weekly Image Not in the Liberal Media".img But wait... what's this? Or is ABC not liberal?


Ed Poor "knows" he's right.img No further discussion required.


Oh no, how on earth will we defend ourselvesimg with a mere 1,550 nukes?


I'm sorry, but how many years did Samuel Alito and John Roberts serve in the military?img Ohhhh not appointing veterans IOKIYAR!


We hate both Hollywood Valuesimg and grammar!


Dear Andy. I was sorry to hear that I have died yet againimg (The presidents of Brazil and Argentina say "hi" by the way!). I was relieved to see you on the Colbert Report last year, up to then, having never seen you in public I was entirely unaware you even existed! And as for the US intelligence reports, I promise to drop dead the moment they find those WMDs. Your friend, Fidel xx


This is just pathetic Andyimg. Taking advantage of a suicide of a gay wrestler to push your political agenda.


Walt Disney, Charles Schulz, Scott Adams, Karajou?!img


MOARimg Hitlerimg




Let us celebrate this glorious day through prayer and rejoicing criticising Google.img UPDATE: If you Google it, it will come.img AND AGAIN: Andy: Fucking Googleimg


What an unfortunateimg comparison Ken


Andy trumpets on the Main Page "and most of the remaining 8 books is finished"img... and this from a man teaching a writing course.


Hans Christian Andersen becomes the latest entry on Andy's "obscure list".img


This work of art is not to my tasteimg, so obviously it's the work of atheists!