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Dirty campaigning is okay from one of the "roughest, toughest players" in the NFL because he's a conservativeimg.


Conservative and Andy decide to bring balance to their "encyclopedia" with over forty new articles about abortionimg. UPDATE: And another...img ... Will Conservapedia's newfound Anti-Abortion Projectimg strike fear into the hearts of baby-eating liberals as the Conservative Bible Project did? Either way, they're up to a target of 126 abortion articles.


Andy creates his very own WIGO!img


Wuhao1911img is the latest parodist to give up the goat


Those self serving liberals are at it again!img If they keep on disrupting rail and airline traffic, liberal leader Gordon Brown may soon have to cave to...liberals?


Back by popular demand, Karajou's Weakly Toon!img Complete with more tired stereotypes: A big-lipped Obama shown stomping all over a God-damned piece of paper the American Constitution.


Ta is 'UK' for Byeimg in TK's world


Ken enters new and previously unknown levels of what the fuckery.img


JPatt is sympathizing with those unemployed, as Congress goes on vacationimg without extending jobless benefits. Unfortunately for his "liberal double-standard" hypothesis, it was blocked by Republicans.


Another fantastic example of Conservapedia having a hissy fit the best Conservative language. To be Stupakedimg is to be hurt by abortion betrayals. Subtle. (Until last week, "Stupaked" was a liberal word.)


TK comes up with some excellent healthcare ideasimg.


Meander of the Prodigal Prof: wikipediacitizendiumconservapedia ⇒ back again at wikipedia. Congrats!


Patrick Henry didn't mention health care!img


Conservapedia insists that last-wordism is wrong, and Msalada gets blocked for that; yet, just after Wuhao1911 blocks him, Andy also censors his last statement, so that HE gets the last word.img


Conservapedia tragically confuses Milan with Turin (Turin being the city containing the headquarters of the Fiat auto company)img


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evilimg (Isaiah 5:20)


Even though he's been given the position, Andy still feels the need to justify his existence.img


Schlafly hates the new health care bill so much that, even with a linked story reference, he can't seem to figure out how many votes it passed byimg.


An obvious parodist adds Vanilla Ice to the 'Best of the Public'img essay.


Our own Andy Schlafly takes over as lead counsel for the Committee to Recall Robert Menendez from the Office of United States Senator. This will be a precedent-setting case, because no Senator or Representative has ever been recalled before.


Although many still fondly remember Death on the DOS Prompt, Uncle Ed prefers Microsoft's "Mysterious and Fearsome" Windows Registryimg.


The dirty liberals who run googleimg have have learned their lesson about dealing with Chinese Communists. Of course, only stupid liberals would ever invest in China.


It's all so clear now! Obama ran against an obscure Chicago politico because she wasn't the right kind of Communist!img


In Andyland Huffpo is censoring prayer and the bible,imgjust like all liberals.img In reality Huffpo pisses on 9/11 truthers. UPDATE: Andy doubles down on the irony: "one's defense of the importance of free speech does not mean that one agrees with everything said."img UPDATE 2: "We've had liberal editors and even Administrators since the beginning and I can't think of a single editor who was censored for his ideas"img That's a rather amusing thing to say on a website that includes "Liberal vandalism" and "Inserting liberal multiculturalism/world view into articles" as standard block reasons. UPDATE 3: This is tellingimg UPDATE 4: As is thisimg


I are admin Terry Koeckritz and I may violated your sensibilitiesimg with my learning of English grammar.


Andy sucks the dregs from the bottle of knowledge, as "alcoholism"img (but not alcohol) is suddenly a "best" new conservative word.


The Trustworthy Encyclopaedia doesn't engage in gossip... unless it involves anybody even remotely linked to the Obamas.img


A joke from TK? Or more likely his creepy use of checkuser?img


Andy thinks that the Conservative Bible Project competes with Facebook.img


Uncle Ed reviews another film in one sentenceimg then asks DerekE "What's the pointimg of tiny articlesimg?"


Andy agreesimg with the Texas Board of Education that American history courses shouldn't mention "democratic" too much, and that America wasn't founded on religious freedom.


Conservapedia toutsimg Sarah Palin's superb knowledge of history. Turns out the Pledge of Allegiance was made, not by a socialist minister and some politically motivated historical revisionists, but by George Washington and the other Founding Fathers. Who knew?


Ken makes it easy on us when he points out that a google search of "Obama and incompetent"img returns 900 thousand hits! He must not have looked any further, because he didn't notice that a google search of "Bush and incompetent" produces 1.3 million hits. MOAR INSANITY from Ken: Kenservative wants to try out "Obama and evil"img and got 41 million results. Hey Ken, try searching "obama and good" and you'd get three times more.


It turns out that, despite previous assertions to the contrary, Barack Obama isn't good enoughimg to be Hitler. Sorry.


JacobB: We value a variety of opinions and seek to form a consensus. JPatt: We most certainly do not! Now shut up and toe the party line whilst I oversight your insubordination!img Update:Manually restoredimg but still oversighted.


A new level of dishonesty: After selective archiving the thread Counterexamples to an Old Earth - omitting all contributions of PhilG - ASchlafly is left with talking to a ghostimg, as a dialogue turned into a monologue. And Jacob B makes the workimg of Phil Gimg on Lagrange his ownimg. Update: Aschlafly deletes the article - again - for being obscureimg. What an honorable gentleman!


As predictably as the sun rising in the east, One of theCoreys Haim dies of an apparent overdose, Andy blames "Hollywood values"img.


Ken: We are nr.3 in Chinaimg (In regards to "atheism" when using a certain search engine beginning with G). No need to be so humble Ken. You are no less than nr.1 for gay bowel syndrome!


Andy: The oldest direct evidence of life is writing, and we have only found proof of that from 3000 BC onwards.img That's indirect evidence Andy. You know what is direct evidence? Bones.


Andy: "All the doggies prove that the earth is young!"img. Apparently Andy imagines a time when the wild Yorkies ran free in the jungle before being tamed by man. No Andy, no...


JPatt: Hollywood values include a flagrant disregard for the military!img Reference: Hollywood shows respect for the military!.. which must really hurt those smug liberal elitists' attempts at portraying the soldiers as criminals!


semper idem: User helps Andyimg to look badimg. User sticks to the rulesimg. User gets blockedimg by sycophantic parodistimg.


Riddle: When is making racially tinged remarks about President Obamaimg unacceptable to Conservapedians? Answer: Only when a lib-burr-rul does it.img


ACORN workers charged with voter fraud: ABOMINATION!img Anti-ACORN clergyman calling sin good? Silence.


Conservapedia: love capitalism, hate the freedom it grants their enemies.img


A Conservapedian syllogism. Whereas, the New York Times is opposed to fishing the bluefin tuna to extinction; and whereas, a lot of abortions are going on; therefore, the Times ought to oppose abortion.img


In Andy's world "served the creature" = "served the environment"img (not to mention gratuitous references to homosexuality and atheism). Translation is one thing; pulling things out of your ass is quite another.


Shocker! RationalWiki just looked on the internet at the Conservapedia main page newsimg and there is a news story in regards to the complete absence of news on Wikipedia in regards to non-news on the internet.


Showcasing CP's continuous support for insane conspiracy theories, and blatant self contradiction, JPatt reverts edits by a user who attempts to remove content saying Fidel Casto was deadimg, despite the fact that they confirm he is still aliveimg later on in the article.


Andy is oblivious to the irony on multiple levels: 'evolution is false because this 47 million year old fossil isn't a human's an ancestor of a lemur'img


Jpatt: It is now a Hollywood Valueimg to say that something is "un-American."


Several states are looking into starting state-owned banks. Andy cheers the move for, of all things, combatting socialism.img


Open your mindimg! Only then you can misread a textimg the same way as Andy doesimg!


Ken uses 30 edits, not to add a Hitwin or adjust image sizes, but to create paragraphs' worth of new content.img He should try putting it in an article next time.


Andy: Chile earthquake has changed the climate!img Cited source: "the changes won't affect climate"


Conservative tries his hand at satire. Don't quit the day job, Ken!img


"This <capture>random computer informationimg can be hard to find." So of course putting it on Conservapedia will solve THAT problem! I mean, who DOESN'T use Conservapedia for information about Windows Operating System? (Besides atheists)


Do you think the liberal mediaimg would carry the story about Perry's landslide victory in the GOP primary? On the front page of the politics sections? Of course not.


Such beautiful sycophancy cannot go un-notedimg Oops, was he a parodist by any chance?


But Andy, we thought the Bibleimg was a liberal book?img


Al Gore is now officially responsible for anything done in response to Global Warming.img


A definition of conservative words finally gets addedimg to Andy's pet word-mangling project. Karajou deletes it and blocks the editorimg for "inserting nonsense or gibberish". The nonsense and gibberish were Andy's ownimgdefinitionsimg. Is Karajou coming to his senses?