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April 2012[edit]

125With no sense of irony, Andy accuses Wikipedia's editors of displaying "self-centered belief systems and behavior."img
168Andy can't see why he must provide references for his bullshit, because "Would anyone ask Jesus for a reference after telling the parable of the Prodigal Son?"img
0Ken: "For the recordimg[ record redactedimg ]"
191Andy yet again denies an inconvenient fact:"Obama is not actually president"img.
116Conservapedia does not mix hearsay with citations to legitimate factual contentimg, says the man who cites dinner conversationsimg. Although, in fairness to Andy, CP:Lemon test contains no factual citations
-62Resident crank and "Prophet" Maratrean reappears at Conservapedia after a long hiatusimg, to invent his own "logical fallacy"img, which coincidentally happens to be committed by atheists only
162Andy touts on the front pageimg the fact that a new book discusses Conservapedia at length in the first few pages. Did he bother reading those pages?
71Are shrimp conservative?img
116Andy: We've always been atimg war withimg Eurasiaimg lovedimg Mittimg Romneyimg.
105Andy posts a scathing criticism of Obamaimg for saying "me" when he meant "I," right above another news itemimg identifying the recent Secret Service prostitution scandal as having taken place in "Columbia."
156Asking for references is to be a slave to hearsay.img Andy approves.img
55Sunday mysteries are back!!img In other news, Andy's still butthurt about Santorum throwing in the towel.
90Wikipedia: "Mathematical physics refers to development of mathematical methods for application to problems in physics."
Conservapedia: Founder adds 'mathematical physicist' to list of oxymoronsimg because they don't agree with himimg.
-9A potentially epic battle between two high ranking sysops is sadly missed,img only because Terry Hurlbut never bothers to look at anything but his next MPR edit and his Ayn Rand fancruft. Exciting update!: Ken notices this very WIGO and takes action!img Perhaps we'll see a reckoning?
-34One sees such article and what can one say but... "Ken."img
116So we can either know where the GPS satellite is, or how fast it's moving, but not both?img
Response: That's odd. I'm going to need a reference.img
Andy: It just makes senseimg
158Rick Santorum, theimg trueimg conservativeimg candidateimg thatimg Andyimg hasimg beenimg cheeringimg forimg weeksimg, suspends his campaign.

Andy's response: throw Santorum under the bus, pull out some crap he wrote two years agoimg and proclaim 'Conservapedia proven right!'.img

116Andy Logic:

1) Castro is really dead.
2) Lamestream media claimed he is alive and met with the Pope.
3) Three weeks later, Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is suspended for admiring Castro's longevity.

Conclusion: God has a sense of humorimg.
156It's official! Obama is no longer a godless commie, but probably Muslimimg. Hell, he even whacked his Islamic brothers, bin Laden & Khaddafi after defeating that limpdick McCain.
74Britain's decline as a major power has less to do with the effects of wartime Lend-Lease agreements, and everything to do with atheism and socialism,img according to the Trusworthy Encyclopaedia.
-21Andy again displays his lack of Biblical knowledge.img Aren't all Christians claiming adoption into the family of God? Even Creationists call Satan a "Son of God."
376Andy refutes one of the best experimentally confirmed theories of physics with cake: "Eating a pound of cake does not cause one's energy to increase by the speed of light squared."img Somehow, every physicist of the last century missed this. UPDATE Andy: "Folks, E=mc2 seems to be based on politics rather than physics."img