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March 2012[edit]


Andy: Lamestream media uncritically accepts Kim Jong IL's golfing skillsimgcites sarcastic ESPN column.
User: You do realize the ESPN article is sarcastic right? Maybe you wanna rethink your postimg
Andy: Huh? ESPN isn't part of the lamestream media, they are nice to Tim Tebowimg What's more, this New York Times article reported his golf skill as newsimg. It even cites a humorist liberal: "I consider it true till proven false. What really flummoxed the golf world was that he did it dressing very drab.”


Dreams are just God playing tricks on you for his own amusement.img


BREAKING NEWS: Pope duped by Castro lookalike!img Update Fake Castro story now officially upgraded to "mystery" statusimg as super-sleuth Schlafly notes some curious differences between the impostor and the real Castro. Update The mystery deepens as Andy discovers that make-up may have been used to make the lookalike appear older.img As well as using disguises to hide the lack of wrinklesimg


Andy wonders,"Did God cause the unlikely result of Tim Tebow ending up in the New York media market?"img


You were thinking that the main causes of engineering failures are insufficient knowledge, ignorance or negligence? And that knowledge and hard work is needed to thwart them? Not in Andy Schlafly's software engineering 101: The devil…is responsible for accidents…and God's intelligent intervention restored itimg


Why do evolutionists push evolution?img


Ken: Hardi-har, the Atheists got wet, Goddidit.img User: We got wet too.img Andy: Yeah, but, different.img Ken: (fingers in ears)img - LA LA LA LA LAimg


Ken: RW should be more like CP so it can get a WP article.img


JoMar: "who could replace conservative?"img One popular suggestion


Andy Schlafly, J.D., B.E., age 50: "E=mc2 has no meaning or value. Simply put, E=mc2 is liberal claptrap."img


Conservapedia userimg proven rightimg


Andy: "I've found that once someone falls for Relativity, they almost never open a Bible again."img


Jesus Christ Superstar Best of the Public!img


Even when we are provably wrong, we are still right.img


JPatt: We aren't infringing on women's rights, just look how bad Islam is!img Hmmmmm.


Playing Manning, and not Tebow, is immoral.img And it's "Colorado liberals" not the Denver Broncos, who want Tebow gone.img


User: "It's possible you're misinterpreting a reference you're using, and here are many concise, intellectually argued discussions of legal complexities and non-partisan points to consider. What do you think?"img. Ken: "Burp. It's my tree house. You can't come in my treehouse without the secret password. Do you eat your own poo too?"img


Ken: Huh huh, He couldn't spell Atheist.img Hapless User: You can't spell crisis.img Ken: Yeah? well Atheists are fat and I won a spell bee.img


Claims that neutrinos don't move faster than light sound like political correctness, rather than science, to Andy.img


Andy on March 17: Massive crowds pack the Missouri Republican caucuses today, causing one to be shut down and another to stop admitting participants due to overcrowding.img (Link to article about chaos at St. Charles county caucus.)
Andy a little later on March 17: Rick Santorum won a large caucus in Missouri, while Ron Paul won another; the lamestream media, however, focus on an unusual arrest of two Ron Paul supporters in an intervention that absurdly included a police helicopter.img (Link to another article about chaos at St. Charles county caucus.)


God isn't responsible for everything in the worldimg, much like the owner of an encyclopedia isn't responsible for his sysops, or his own site, right?


Andy: I'm going to abuse statistics to make a "counterexample" to evolutionimg (all in a mathematics article).
User: The mathematical theorem you are using doesn't apply here.img
Andy: You're using jargon that I should know, but don't. Also, you are not accommodating my short attention span.img


Andy finally goes all in, and declares Mitt Romney to be a RINOimg.


Andy (on why God has a sense of humor): "atheistic political figures are known for their lack of a sense of humor, such as Attila the Hun, which suggests that the opposite of God is a lack of sense of humor."img (Andy should hope that God has a very good sense of humor.)


Andy unwittingly citesimg a gay newspaper. UPDATE: Ooops...let's change that.img


It's official. The Republican National Committee is too liberal for Andy.img


Andy: Obama loses Dem primary in 15 Oklahoma counties!! That's a correct headline for those who lack openmindness."img
Source: Actually it isn't, Andy.


Andy celebrates Gingrich'simg appeal to "negrophobes."img Conservative historians agree: racism rulz. This just in: Southern strategy is good. Because liberals.img Because RINOs.img Because classroom prayer.img


Horrors! Wikipedia has protected their Richard Dawkins articleimg! So says the trusworthy encyclopedia that protects its own Richard Dawkins article, its atheism article, its atheism and bestiality article, Ken's user and user talk pages, etc....


Jpratt's knee-jerk reactionimg to a wing-nut pro-life group making shit up.


More from Edimg. Crazy leaps of "logic", exquisite lack of sense and complete bollocks come as standard. When bullying doesn't work, there's always the power of impunityimg.


Yes, Ed, that's the criterion people use when choosing a law school.img


Thorough in-house research suggests that Breitbart may in fact not have been assassinatedimg


Karajou: Was Breitbart assassinated?img


In a section entitled Weaseling, Andy tries to weasel outimg. (And failsimg).