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May 2012[edit]


Andy: "Real answers are found on Conservapedia and in the Bible rather than on television."img [Conservapedia and the Bible. Yes, he really wrote it in that order.]


Ken's newest reason for banning editors - "lack of machismo".img


Remembering Trayvon Martin is "sick and pathetic" according to Jpratt.img


Ken's tenuous grasp of English history : "my guess is that the KJV was readable to the people in Elizabethan England"img. Yes, if they had time machines.


Andy's sophisticated theology compares the nature of free will and the existence of evil to sports:"If God were to destroy Satan, then that would require ending free will, and then this world ceases to be of interest. It would become akin to a sports league where one's favorite team won every game. That's no sports league at all."img


Stop the Presses! Ken has some front page news: Someone is being argumentative on the internetimg.

46Is it another debate offer by Ken?img

Oh look, August acceptedimg

Ken:It's shockofgod you want to debateimg

88The term "level playing field" is submitted for consideration as a "great new conservative word". Anyone with half a brain can clearly see it's far more conservative than "quantify" or "coolant" ".... ANDY: Nope, it can't be conservative because librerals use it! Also, "coolant" is very conservative because liberals HATE nuclear energyimg... which works on the principle of E=mc^2...oh wait, hang on ...


We should totally base the definition of a whole academic field on a rant by Naomi Riley, the very definition of white privilege! That's some mighty fine encyclopedyin' you're doing there, Ed Poorimg.


With no sense of irony Karajou declares: "When something utterly fails, it's best to look at just who's in charge.img"


Andy: Gays marrying caused a decline in the Massachusetts real estate marketimg.


After Andy's use of undeniable statistical evidence that there is only a 1% chance that the Earth is "old", an infuriated EJamesW accuses Andy of not being a true Christian due to his doubts in the Genesis creation story.img


Jpratt is outraged... OUTRAGED... that an atheist liberal on Wikipedia would delete an article entitled "Obama eats dogs".img And they have the audacity to keep the article on Romney's dog, Seamus!


Kenzo engages in pre-last-word-ism-ismimg


User: Humility is the root of wisdom; cites bible verseimg
Andy immodestly replies: my own version reveals the original meaning better: "When intellectual arrogance takes hold, humiliation results; but modesty yields wisdom."img
Bonus:Andy just wrote that "translation" moments before posting itimg